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Zachary Zane Wants You to Rethink Spit as Lube

When it comes to writing about sex, none other than Dan Savage has called Zachary Zane the best at it today. As the columnist behind Men’s Health Sexplain It, the founder and editor-in-chief of BOYSLUT Zine, and the author of Boyslut: A Memoir and Manifesto, Zane has plenty of experience fucking advising and advising fucking.

Now he’s dispensing more tips, and The Sword has him.

We might actually get more than just the tip from his first video, though, considering this one is all about lube. What kind of lube? Zane runs down the most popular kinds, from spit on, and explains why you’re gonna want a silicone-based lube.

Watch Zane explain why the other lubes are going to cause some unpleasant friction during sex in the video below. (And if you’re already a silicone lube convert, there are worse ways to spend 40 seconds than looking at Zachary Zane.)

And don’t forget: We’re running a giveaway for a free copy of Boyslut for the commenter with the best lube-based story. Share yours below, and maybe we’ll be in touch. Since I’m out of the running, I’ll just say that as a Vaseline old-school gay, I have ruined more T-shirts by accidentally washing my cum rags with my laundry than I care to admit.

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13 thoughts on “Zachary Zane Wants You to Rethink Spit as Lube”

  1. Silicone lube is impossible to clean up and stains any cloth it come in contact with. Horrible stuff.

    The best option is one of the mix-up lubes (J, K, X, FFausten), made to a fucking consistency (rather than fisting consistency).

  2. I dislike seeming know-it-alls like ZZ because fact is, he doesn’t know it all.

    And his book is terrible. “Manifesto”? I’ve used cookbooks by Ree Drummond that were more manifesto than the mishmash Zachie wrote.

  3. I agree , silicon lube is best but too much?? I fucked a twink who kept adding more and more lube until fucking him was like watching the fountains outside Bellagio.

  4. Great info! I personally do not find spit appealing or sexy so I’ve never used, but over the years I’ve tried a variety. Water-based was never lasting enough and never felt right. I used oil-based for a long time but it can stain. Then I tried silicone based lube. The first time using it was so amazing it felt like the very first orgasm I had. I am currently using a coconut oil based lube for solo which has been great. But I still use silicone based and now will only use that for anal sex. Thanks!

  5. I feel this needs to be talked about more. So many guys be watching too much porn and assume spit is safe.

  6. Zachary Zane is being sensible. The most appropriate, from a medical point of view, is, without a doubt, to use a condom. There are numerous sexually transmitted diseases. Gays should be better advised in terms of health, as they are left with this foolish and mistaken notion that PrEP prevents everything, which is a lie.

      1. wow very pointed much? Just because he’s having more sex than you, you proceed to be a jealous asshole over it

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