Zeb Atlas To Appear On Showtime’s Gigolos

Proving that he’s not just a gay porn star (or a disco singer), Zeb Atlas will appear on Showtime’s reality teevee show about male hookers, Gigolos, to prove that he is also, uhh, a gigolo.

According to Zeb’s longtime manager and Sword BFF David Forest, the muscle man wrapped a brief cameo for the series that won’t show him having sex with a male client, but rather will show him talking about what it’s like to have sex with a male client. The reality show regularly features a cavalcade of douche bags extraordinaire (see clip below) and the desperate, sex-starved women who pay thousands of dollars to have sex with them, but I guess showing the gay version of that would be taking things too far.

Zeb was interviewed by show producers and I’m told will give viewers a glimpse into the world of gay escorting, perhaps opening the door to a future episode that actually will show man-on-man sex? If Showtime execs are worried about offending viewers, I would invite them to watch an episode of A-List New York on their sister network, Logo, because nothing could be more offensive than that.

Zeb’s episode is scheduled to air this fall. His new movie, The Boyfriend, ships this week.



10 thoughts on “Zeb Atlas To Appear On Showtime’s <em>Gigolos</em>”

  1. i actually watch its all episodes.. its s0 addicting the show is truly unique.. Nick was my most fave!! hope to have him soon.. maybe in season 2 they consider escorting gays als0 for sure those gigolos also have clients that are gay they just dont admit it.. cant wait for season 2 and many more,..

  2. An interesting little tidbit about Jimmy from the cast of GIGOLOS is that he was one of the main actors in the film “Another Gay Sequel – Gays Gone Wild” where he does share some intimate moments with his male co-stars on screen. He was working as a male stripper somewhere before being cast in his role in that film. As for Zeb appearing on the show, I think it is a good thing. After all, he lives in Las Vegas (where the show is filmed) and he has been a male escort for many years. Regardless of him being Gay4Pay, he has been a success in his work as a Porn Performer and Male Escort. As they say, there is someone for everyone out there and as with all Models in this business, they have an equal amount of Fans as they do Haters (it goes with the biz). The one’s who become successful are the ones who can ignore all the BS that is written about them.

    1. He is one of the hotter men on the show if you ask me. He is the one as the show starts he says to the camera…I am the guy who eats dessert before dinner. He has the best smile and a hot body ;) There is a scene in the show where he is fucking the daylights out of his gf and while I am not into women it is a hot fucking scene and you get to see his cock. Love the show.

  3. I don’t care! I am happy that Zeb will be on “Gigolos”. The show does rot my brain but there is lots of PEEN!

  4. First I’m not in press second they should have chosen a real gay porn-star not a Gfper like zeb-atlas who is not gay at all he’s just making money off of gays 2 support him-self and his bitch-girl-friend he should not be speaking on be-have of the gay community no way.Real gay porn-stars should be speaking out about this some-one should go 2 the show-Gigolos producers and tell them the zeb is a pussy-loving prick not a real gay man don’t deserve 2 be on the show as a gay male escort or male gigolo.David-forest dozen’t care as long as he can make money off of it zeb is the wrong guy they need a real gay guy not him.

  5. Zach, I agree with the remark about The A-List New York. I suffered thru one season, and I can’t bear to watch another. I made me hope that people don’t think this is what gay people and the gay culture is all about.

  6. I love the show, yea some are conceited like Nick Hawk the rest of the guys seem down to earth well. It shows nudity female (I’ll pass) and male (hell ya) and never fails to keep me coming back for more. I will def keep watching but I hope that this was a one time thing for Zeb. The guy is an egomaniac and I am def no fan of his work..and I think him talking about sleeping with a guy would only make me like him less.
    Maybe the cast of Gigolos could make an appearance in a zeb movie and show him how to at least try and fake it when your not interested in someone and not act like a fucking douche.

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