big uncut dicks

What’s Nine Uncut Inches Between Friends?

Now I know where TitanMen got the title. For a “Blueprint” of two nearly perfect cocks, right this way.

As the vehicle for Bruce Beckham’s very welcome return to gay porn, “Blueprint” already had a lot going for it. Today it has even more. Seventeen real reasons more, plus two beautiful uncut cocks, as TitanMen exclusive Eric Nero pounds the hairy globes ass of fellow exclusive Matthew Bosch.

big uncut dicks
With that tight, naturally lean body, full bush and mouth-watering heavy hose, Eric Nero’s place on the Hottest Gay Porn Cock of 2016 contest was a given. Though when it comes to fucking, Eric usually does more receiving than giving. Last time we saw him top was over a year ago.

big uncut dicks
But Matthew wanted this dick. He wanted it bad and wouldn’t let anything “strand” in the way.

big uncut dicks
With eight fat inches himself, Matthew Bosch is no slouch in the cock department either. That’s why going from tip to hole takes a little while.

What nine uncut inches between friends make possible are moves like this: the “I’ll just lean over and suck on your cock while I plow your ass.” Anyone suddenly feel like phoning a friend? Me too.

[Watch Eric Nero & Matthew Bosch in “Blueprint” scene two]

2 thoughts on “What’s Nine Uncut Inches Between Friends?”

  1. That’s a great clip! Even though it’s really just a simple fuck scene, there is just enough context to make it interesting. Great choice guys!

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