Is Shawn Wolfe Hotter as a Top or a Bottom? Here Are Two New Scenes For You To Decide

In a scene just unleashed for the internet from this spring’s Militia, Raging Stallion stud Shawn Wolfe tops Heath Jordan for some sweaty, military-themed fucking. And in a new scene from Timberwolves, Shawn gets thrown over a barrel and pounded by Aleks Buldocek. Hard.

So many beards, and burly muscles.

It’s good to see Shawn bottom again, like a champ, over a barrel. (I think this was filmed at the Rainbow Cattle Company in Guerneville, CA. To be confirmed.) It calls to mind his stellar bottom job for Tommy Defendi in June’s Lowdown Dirty, which was also fucking hot.

But I’m really torn! Is one hotter than the other? Brain and dick exploding with indecision!

What do you say? Do we like him better as a bottom? Or as a top? Or are versatile dudes always sexiest? The poll is down below.

Here’s the Timberwolves scene.

And now, the bonus scene from Militia, available to members now.

Please also refer to his scene from Frat House Cream in which he fucked the shit out of Hunter Page.

[Raging Stallion Studios: Militia Bonus Scene]
[Raging Stallion Studios: Timberwolves Scene 4]
[All Shawn Wolfe Movies on NakedSword]

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