Jarec Wentworth Found Guilty On All Six Counts, Faces Up to Nine Years In Prison

Well, shit. Say goodbye to porn star Jarec Wentworth, because he was just found guilty today in federal court on six separate counts including extortion and attempted extortion.

Str8UpGayPorn has the news from the courtroom, where the jury of 9 women and 3 men deliberated for just two hours before returning six guilty verdicts. Jarec reportedly “placed his hands on his face, then lowered his head to the table” after the verdicts were read. He’ll be sentenced on September 21, and could face six to nine years in the clink.

The trial was brief but predictably salacious, and news of testimony from Justin Matthews a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Taylor mentioning “gifts” he’d received from another, more famous gay sugar daddy — David Geffen — got quickly picked up by Gawker today. Because Gawker’s always been more than a little interested in Geffen and his kept boys.

What this may mean for wealthy, lonely businessman Donald Burns and his reputation remains to be seen. Probably, it will mean nothing, because all rich people hire whores of one kind or another.

But this may put an end to an underground tradition, unknown to most of us, of young hotties both gay and gay-for-pay trying to blackmail their older johns when they realize they might have “reputations” to protect. Because in at least the case of Donald Burns, he was not willing to part with $1 million when it came down to it, reputation be damned.

Below, let’s just take a look at what will go down as possibly Jarec’s final scene in gay porndom, barring any others that Men.com may have kept aside in the vault…

The scene is called Longing, and in it, Jarec fucks Christopher Daniels on a couch.

Guess who’s finally going to learn how to bottom the hard way: in prison!




16 thoughts on “Jarec Wentworth Found Guilty On All Six Counts, Faces Up to Nine Years In Prison”

  1. Well its only a matter of time before this SLEAZY Burns guy gets caught up and rents a 17 year old.
    I don’t side with either party in this case, but i do think Burns is a gross sleaze-bucket and I hope he gets his karma somehow.

  2. It is more than a little bit “funny” how Gawker “blamed” the Geffen Story on Str8upgayporn. I mean, we’re talking about something in a public record; doesn’t Gawker have enough money to get copies of court documents itself (like the smoking gun)?

    Gawker went along through life for a while convinced (like str8upgayporn is doing now) that claiming to be a “journalist” gave it card blanc to do and say all kinds of stuff; not to mention that Gawker also appeared to be following a unique little “acquire me now strategy” against every internet company from Google on down. THEN, Gawker got a heavy dose of reality one day. Back in the day, Gawker probably would have OWNED UP to a slam against Geffen. Today, Gawker cops out and claims that str8upgayporn did it. The Real Power of the Ultra-Wealthy is shown when “The Merely Rich” are clearly afraid of them.

  3. I’ll be waiting for you at the gates when you get out, Jarec!
    I’ll wait until forever!
    *waves tears-stained hanky*

  4. I’d be bitter about the whole Geffen sugar baby thing, but then I’d remember that I’m FORTY-SIX and I stopped giving a shit in my early thirties.

  5. What I don’t understand is why he would plead “not guilty” to extortion when clearly that’s what he did. Did he think by pleading “not guilty” it meant he felt no remorse (not guilty) for what he did or did he just not understand the meaning of extortion.
    The worse thing you can do is go to court and show no remorse for your crime(s). Once you’re found guilty you’re essentially screwed big time.

  6. I don’t understand what Jarec was threatening to reveal about Burns which is the basis of the extortion charge. Burns was living as an openly gay man who was frequently seen in the company of handsome muscular young men.

    1. J.W. Waxner-Herman

      Neither do I! But apparently Burns, like Geffen, is embarrassed about paying for sex and wants to keep up a WASPy veneer even though every body can obviously see what’s going on, and those pretty young “friends” aren’t there for free.

      1. Justin Griggs testimony should give you a hint of what he was going to reveal. You really don’t know why a prominent member of their community and well known republican fundraiser wouldn’t want information about him hiring prostitutes and graphic details about their sexual encounters to be public knowledge? If Burns had gone along with Brank’s plan, the money would have been gone in months and Brank would’ve been hitting up Burns for more money making the same threats. Someone stole nude photos from Elle MacPherson’s home and tried to extort her into paying big bucks for the the return of them. I guess since she had already posed for Playboy then she didn’t have the right not to be extorted right?

        It was only in the last year that Burns had been seen in the company of younger men, before he was involved with another prominent male socialite for 17 years.

        Oh and there was that pesky rape charge Brank put out there as well.

  7. I hope his attorney can motion for at least medium or even minimum security prison. This was not a violent crime, and Wentworth does not deserve to be in with the worst of the worst. Punished okay, but destroyed, no. Well, we’ll have his work to rewatch till we hear from him again :( I liked him.

    1. He was convicted of a felony. Whether he spends six months or six years in prison means his life is pretty much destroyed. You think it’s hard getting a job with a former porn stint? Felony records are no joke.

    2. Afro Puerto Rican

      I was a big fan of Jarec Wentworth, and I thought he was sexy, masculine, smart, funny, and a gorgeous man. However, he made his bed and now he has to lay in it. I don’t feel sorry for him. Black and Puerto Rican men get severe sentencing daily for pot or less crimes. Because Jarec is a white male, I have no sympathy for him. Good riddance and he’s going to make Bubba or Jose very happy in prison.

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