Mickey Taylor Drops First Single, ‘Pain’

While he says “I Was An Accident…” on his Twitter profile, his dual careers surely are not: Mickey Taylor is as talented as his sexy.


As we learned in our interview in May, 22-year-old NakedSword Originals Exclusive Mickey Taylor has a lot to say for himself. Of course, it doesn’t hurt he does his speaking in an accent that makes your toes curl. Mickey is a new kind of triple threat: fashion model, porn exclusive and singer.


His cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ foreshadowed the brooding vibe of “Pain,” the first track from his debut album Polaroid Prince.

Here’s the lyric video:


And it’s already a hit on Twitter …

But as in life, Mickey doesn’t always brood. Sometimes he’s blonde. Sometimes he’s playful. And I suspect, he’s frequently horny …

Since it will seem like an eternity until his first scene with fellow NakedSword Original Bray Love premieres at the end of August, you can see him canoodling it up for Euroboys in their boy band inspired romp “Onesie Direction”



[Euroboys: Mickey Taylor in “Onesie Direction”]

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9 thoughts on “Mickey Taylor Drops First Single, ‘Pain’”

  1. if he’s happy with it, why not, the song doesn’t hurt my ears…but i also prefer him to bottom, egoistical bratthat i am

  2. euh, prefer him in his original black hair, blonde looks too arty, he should always bottom and yeah let him mumble a song if he wishes to do so

  3. Better as a blonde. Used to find him pretty hot but he has way overdone the ink… he just looks so dirty now.

  4. it’s only an okay song, it doesn’t hurt but it ain’t really catchy either. His vocals are whispering and parlando only and the range is sort of limited. so Mickey keep ur porn career going coz that’s where’s where ur strength lies: giving up ur ass for ‘my’ pleasure…but keep singing if it make su happy but it won’t make u rich. Sort of sleepy arrangement too , good for the relaxation room

    1. All the things you didn’t like about the performance, I loved. (I’m not attacking you on this – it’s just a difference of opinion.) He reminds me of Marianne Faithfull – and in my books, that’s a major plus. I agree that his range is limited, at the moment, but he’s got a ‘husk’ and passion in his voice that I’d like to see him explore.

      He’s probably never going to hit the top of the charts, but if he expands his voice to doing jazz and indie music, he could have a long-lasting and serious career in music.

  5. I’m not a major fan of Mickey Taylor in porn, but I really liked that single. It’s elegant and spare and he has a better singing voice than some people in the charts.

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