Okay, Whoa: Guess the Masked Mystery Tops Who DP Leo Forte in Scene 4 of ‘Addict’

So, Leo Forte is a pretty convincing sex addict. And the culminating scene of NakedSword’s Addict [<--- SPOILER ALERT] is seriously, like, intense, and you can't tell who's doing the fucking.

Basically it’s just Leo, being extremely, gruntingly cock-hungry, getting tag-teamed by two masked mystery dudes in body suits. The theme of this one: “Addicted to Cock.”

And did I mention that I totally believe that Leo is addicted to cock? This is some method acting, and those cocks coming out of those black body suits, very nice cocks. And he’s slurping and grunting and taking those dicks like a champ.

Anyway, can you guess?? Can you? WHO ARE THEY??













The spoilers are a click away, but can you guess??? Who do those cocks belong to? Honor system. In the comments.

All will be revealed tomorrow…

Update: OK, as I said, the answer was just a click away, but for those too lazy to click…




It’s Max Cameron (who appeared in Scene 1 with Trenton Ducati) and his boyfriend of a year and a half Drew Sebastian! You may remember them from this recent documentary video about PrEP, too.



[NakedSword: Addict, Scene 4: Addicted to Cock]


9 thoughts on “Okay, Whoa: Guess the Masked Mystery Tops Who DP Leo Forte in Scene 4 of ‘Addict’”

    1. The suits were to impress the fact that the focus is the cock. Also the feeling of anonymity; that only the cock matters. Get it? ;0 Thank you for thinking I’m worthy as a bottom, it’s flattering.

      1. I’ve never wanted to pay for naked sword till now. the thought of you getting 2 at once is almost too much. I mostly go for BelAmi types, then a sudden jump to you! When you broke down in the live shows on Kink, it was almost unbearably sexy.

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