Sean Cody, and the Tale of the Mountain Getaway That Wouldn’t End

It’s now Day 3 of Sean Cody’s five-, now six-man getaway to Tahoe, even though it feels like we’ve been watching this thing for months.

Yes, they did pull out a big surprise on Day 3, a sixth guy! Noel! So there was an extra car after all. Or maybe he was just in the trunk. In any event, he’s horny and ready to bareback Andy after a little game of horseshoes.

The hotter scene, in my opinion, is the first one with David fucking Coleman on top of that rock where, on Day 1, Tanner and Coleman were blowing each other. It also appears that pale-skinned ginger David might have gotten a sunburn doing this little outdoor scene, or maybe he already had it from Day 2, out in that boat.

Then everybody gets together in the kitchen for more naked cooking, which is just plain gross. And then naked eating at the dining table, which is just unseemly.

Hope you’re all still awake.

[Sean Cody: Mountain Getaway Day 3]


10 thoughts on “Sean Cody, and the Tale of the Mountain Getaway That Wouldn’t End”

  1. This entire series was like watching a cooking demonstration done by Hannibal Lector…completely AWFUL and DISTURBING…

  2. Is everyone really critiquing these scenes? You do know that while you may not like what they are cooking or eating and the fact they are doing so naked, THEY ARE NAKED!!! Here are 6 built sexy guys having hot sex with each other.
    For those of you who think cooking naked is gross or dangerous, maybe live a little and have some damn fun!

  3. The next part better include a cum soaked orgy where everyone tops and bottoms and then David gets DP’d or all my faith in Sean Cody restoring itself to its former glory is DONE! (I’m talking the day of models like Patrick and that MMA fighter that’s escaping my name but went by the performing name of Danny)
    I used to be a faithful subscriber to Sean Cody and even with the bareback component, it just goes to show you that even if the guys are stunning, true porn connoisseurs need more than just hot sex bots banging bodies in heavily edited clips with no passion or chemistry. If I want THAT, I’ll just watch that wretched digital porn or pull up some hentai (Urotsokidoji, anyone?).
    At least the Corbin Fisher dudes fake passion and if you listen to their interviews, they’re all quite amiable and matter of fact about being straight and being paid to do gay porn.
    Annnnnnd….that’s why I’ve been a consistent member of Corbin Fisher while my subscriptions to SC have been sporadic (try to use that word in a sentence today).

    1. Nice “Clueless” reference, just watched that the other day. And yes these scenes are boring, like NDS or Bel Ami boring. I hope the boys enjoyed their vacay.

    2. Not sure how you can watch CFs “passion” and obviously scripted dirty talk knowing it’s fake and not feel the onset of an eyeroll and a feeling of “just shut up already”

  4. Ugh I watched all 3 parts (unfortunately) where do I begin? First of all, we had to watch these guys cooking their depressing diet meals (dry gruel for breakfast that even Oliver Twist would not wanna eat seconds from. And some weird, dry-cinnamon chicken breasts)
    Then, there was really no orgy to speak of, despite seeming like it was gonna be that way. It was one on one sex, with group scenes of them socializing. May as well have sold it as individual scenes.
    Oh and then there’s the choice of guys. Again, these guys are not homely by any means, but definitely none of SeanCody’s hottest.
    Boring sex, boring guys, boring meals, a borefest all around–And 3 parts of it, to boot. I hope SC didnt spend too much money on this trilogy. We fans are not pleased.

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