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Sean Cody Really Fucked This One Up Too

Brodie and Tanner were part of orgies at this year’s Winter Getaway. Between them, they have over 75 up scenes on Sean Cody. You would think a scene between the two of them would be a no-brainer. You’d think.

When Brodie returned to Sean Cody after three years, it was a happy day in GayPornLandia. We just saw Tanner fuck the joy into Manny. Today someone let the lunatics run the asylum. It’s not a good look.

sean cody brodieThere’s that saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

sean cody brodieIt’s plausible to think Brodie and Tanner were playing charades except the only real charade here is trying to pass off this scene off as being worthy of a pay-site and not a tube site.

sean cody brodie
Unfortunately, this is only flipping you will see in a scene that needed it desperately. Still, it’s nice to see Tanner bottom for a change. Brodie’s plump rump is likewise as inviting as ever. I just wish I could say the same thing about the scene.

[Watch Tanner & Brodie: Bareback at Sean Cody]

7 thoughts on “Sean Cody Really Fucked This One Up Too”

  1. MindGeek has single-handedly managed to destroy the greatest gay porn site there ever was. Determined to make Sean Cody as awful as all the other sites.

    1. IS there any reality in porn? I mean really? Other than the douchebag antics of some of these self proclaimed “Stars” CoughRyanRoseCough, CoughVadimBlackCough Douche Bags! Martyr’s, Death Threateners, RR” When you are one of the biggest Gay Male Sex Icons” – I think I just threw up in my mouth. The REALITY is what you DO NOT see in a sex scene and it ain’t pretty/ One day they’ll get a reality check and see how sad they really are. VB and his “Secret Project” he want’s you to fund for $30.000 – (It’s made $106.00 with like 15 days left.) Ya got drug addicts, domestic abusers, one guy just gave an std to his 5yr old daughter and has a GAY fund me page up. (I have learned that Porn is not that lucrative) All I want them to do is get me off so I can turn them off and not have to hear anything abut their private lives. Ban them all from Twitter.

      Urban Dictionary” WORD: Ryan
      A male which looks like he has down-syndrome and has serious difficulty riding a bicycle. also who is an internet pussey.

      RYAN ROSE is a very good example of this

      And who wrote this site?? Wasn’t Vadim/Kyle – He’s illiterate.

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