Lane, Brodie, and Joey Have a Threeway In the Woods In ‘Winter Getaway Part 2’

Like I said when Part 1 of Sean Cody’s Winter Getaway came out earlier this week looking a fair bit like the five-man winter getaway orgy that the site produced two years ago, Sean Cody is not so strong when it comes to set-ups or scripts. The guys are hot, the premises (when they bother with them), not.

They take the trouble to rent a location and fly/drive all their models there, but they don’t really put any imagination for setting up the scenes. Part 1 was kind of hot, sure. The models are hot! (Well, Rowan, ahem.) But you’ve got five guys, they get naked and have an orgy, and then three of them break off and go to the snow-covered woods and romp around for a minute….

It’s actually a bit like 2013’s Mountain Getaway that was shot in the Lake Tahoe area, and in the beginning you had Tanner — who is back for this Winter Getaway — going off with Coleman to the woods while the other boys are back at the house, staying warm.

This was 2013. No idea what happened to Coleman.
This was 2013. No idea what happened to Coleman.


Only this time, there’s a snowball fight. (Back in Tahoe in ’13, it was a drought, and there was nothing on the ground in November.) So Part 2 is a threeway with Brodie, Joey, and Lane, with Joey getting to be Lucky Pierre in a train fuck, and Lane demurring when it comes to getting DP’d, because he’s probably never even thought of having two dicks in his ass. And it starts with everybody about to leave the house on a hike, but Tanner and Rowan decide to stay behind — I guess Part 3 will be Tanner and Rowan and maybe a third — and it ends up just being Joey, Brodie, and Lane, not especially warmly dressed since they’re not even allowed to wear underwear.

And things get kind of cute when we find out that Lane has actually never seen or touched snow in real life (I’m guessing Arizona or Texas), and they let him out of the car on the way to hike to make and throw his first snowball.



So, doesn’t Joey’s girlfriend wonder if this is like his Brokeback Mountain, like she’s the thing he suffers through but he’s only truly living when he’s got a cock up his ass or a cock in his mouth on camera? Because I really don’t credit Joey with being some kind of phenomenal actor. He LOVES that shit. Sorry, Anne Hathaway.



Also, I’d probably be a little worried if I was Brodie’s girlfriend, seeing him eat ass like a champ, even out in the snow, up against a tree.


Lane has an undeniably fantastic time on this shoot, basically throwing his ass in the air even though they’re out in cold weather, and Brodie can almost maybe get hard enough… but the camera guy/director smartly suggests they go somewhere warmer…



Oh wait, that last one was from 2013, when Tanner was allowed on the hike.

Anyway, the minute Lane gets in the shower with Brodie and Joey he shouts “woo-hoo!” and rubs their abs, like he just found the golden ticket. Then he gets fucked in mid-air in the shower by Brodie while Joey helps hold him up, and then rides Joey’s cock while Joey takes it from Brodie.





And, of course, as soon as Brodie’s cock gets in his ass, Joey says, “Fuck me like you fucked me before.” Oh you mean where you had your first hands-free cum shot? Yeah that was nice.


Then comes the Lucky Pierre train fuck, where both Joey and Lane seem to have a fantastic time.




And then the not-DP, which ends up with Brodie just fucking the hell out of Joey again, because clearly these two ‘straight’ dudes are pretty into each other.




So, the winner here is Lane, with Joey a close second. And the losers: Joey and Brodie’s girlfriends.


[Sean Cody: Winter Getaway Part 2]

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