Talking With Mickey Taylor, the Newest NakedSword Exclusive Model

Sexy British porn stud Mickey Taylor has just signed on as NakedSword‘s latest exclusive model — the third in the last few months following Killian James and Bray Love. He also just shot his first scene for the studio with Bray Love, in Hooker Stories 3, as of yesterday.

Mickey’s 22 and has been doing porn for a year and a half now, starting off with a scene at Staxus, but he now says he no longer wants to work as a bareback model and at the time he hadn’t really thought about all the implications and risks.



mickey-taylor-disneyIn this interview with Pink Is Our Lives last fall Mickey revealed the story behind his porn name: “When I was a fashion model mainly, I used my birth name Angel and a made-up-name Taylor as my last name. I decided to keep my last name from fashion, but use a name I loved because I love Disney, which is where the Mickey came from.”

The Sword sat him down for a few more questions in anticipation of his first scene being released for NakedSword.

How did your first shoot go yesterday with Bray Love?
Well me and Bray have wanted to shoot together since we met. He’s incredibly attractive and such an incredible guy, so we connected right away and the chemistry was awesome. The trick was trying not to cum each time we were fucking. It was too hot to film.

Where’s your hometown?
I grew up in Essex but I live in Manchester in the United Kingdom. I’ve been missing home so much the last two weeks while I’ve been traveling, and I can’t wait to go home and see everyone. But I do always love being in the States.

Where/when did your porn career begin?
I stared a year and a half ago with a European company [Staxus]. It was kinda a crazy story and a amazing experience to be with them and it opened me up to so many other studios and opportunities.

Do you also do some escorting?
I’m afraid I don’t. I think about it a lot. Maybe in the future but right now I’m happy just filming :)

So are you still living permanently in England?
I am yeah. I could never really leave. I love it too much.

Tell me about Chicago – was this your first Grabby Awards/IML? What were the highlights?
This was yeah. It was a crazy roller-coaster weekend. I would say my favorite moment was go-go dancing with Bray and just meeting so many off my US fans. The support I’ve had out here has been amazing.

Mickey in his first scene for Staxus with
Mickey in his first scene for Staxus with Billy Rubens.

Are you and Bray really getting married?
Haha not today.

Who are your porn idols right now?
I think Colby Keller and Boomer Banks. They both have done so incredibly well and have branched out with other things and I really admire that.

Who are your top five dream scene partners, active, retired, or dead?
Probably Asher Hawk, Boomer Banks, Rocco Steele, Kyle Kash and Bravo Delta.

What are you doing when you’re not making porn?
Writing music and performing. I also do a lot off modeling, so that keeps me busy.

Follow Mickey on Twitter here Below, a photo from yesterday’s shoot.


14 thoughts on “Talking With Mickey Taylor, the Newest NakedSword Exclusive Model”

  1. lovely and hot kid if he gets rid of that awful blonde dye, Bottoms, and be submissive. Only hot scene he ever did was with theo ford. Great potential but bad directors, would love to see him in ericvideos or citebeur

  2. he’s cute and great as a bottom. That blonde hair looks soooo fake indeed. Nope he should stick with blake mason (one of my favorite studios) and bottom, suck and kiss forever.
    If ever he escorts, I’m game

  3. I like him better as a blonde. Thought he was hot the first time I saw him and now after a few more looks he reminds me of a really shitty movie.. the kind you saw once but don’t wanna see again and you def would not pay your worst enemies way into. And yea if all else was really bad the dot tat on his face makes him look even less attractive than before.

  4. Fashion model ??? You are kidding me right ?

    Having pictures on instagram is NOT modelling. Nor is paying for your own shoots with photographers !

    He is a bit of a Jake Bass wannabe. Speaking of which I thought Mickey was a Cockyboys exclusive.

    I don’t get this new exclusive anyway.. It will be interesting to see if Mickey still does work for the low paid studios in the UK as I cant see Nakedsword giving him enough scenes to pay the rent every month.. oh… that said he keeps thinking about escorting..

    1. mickey said after the UK porn awards he was going to stay on in porn for another year. He has never been a cockyboys exclusive he worked for them few times and is friends with there models like Frankie but it’s never been posted he would join them. He’s been a fashion model for years! You can google him you will see covers off magazines and calendars he’s done in the past aswell as runway images. I think he owns a clothing line too? I can’t remember.

      He doesn’t escort. He once wrote that he thought about It once but don’t think he would enjoy doing it. I think he is doin pretty well as far money. He’s always working. I’m kinda sad though I won’t see him working for UK companies like Blakemason but MePam is incredible. Those two will make fucking hot sexy together.

      I was a fan off him before his porn an this makes me love him even more. I’m just glad to see him now going into more US work! He was a sweetie at the Grabbys

  5. Mickey is nOT a stud he’s a twink and that’s his charm. He should also get rid of tat fake blonde hair and go back to bottoming (his main strength), love to see him kiss and be dominated by a mor ematur eman, his scene with theo ford was one of the best he ever did

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