The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Mick Lovell’s Penis

Bel Ami star of the decade Mick Lovell may be two years into his retirement at this point, but that hasn’t stopped the studio from dribbling out a bit more archived, classic Mick amazingness every few months and at Christmas.

Last December it was this scene with Florian Nemec. Then they gave us a couple more this year: this one with Johnny Bloom, and this hot one with Claude Sorel that just arrived a couple weeks back.

Now we have a photoset, also probably shot in 2012, and there are apparently a small handful of other Mick Lovell fuck scenes left to show us, so maybe your Christmas won’t be so sad after all.

For now, let’s just stare at his cock dumbfounded that such a thing exists, attached to a real American human, but currently hiding where we are not privileged to watch it at work in the present day anymore, because Mick is selfish.



























[Bel Ami: Mick Lovell Pin-Ups]


17 thoughts on “The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Mick Lovell’s Penis”

  1. Y’all are fucking dumb. That dirty old bastard tried to sell him for big clients as fuckboy, Mick refused to be his prostitute on sale so Mick was fired. BelAmi is hypocrite. Mick just doesn’t want to be used in such a way outside porn. He chose to save whatever left of his dignity as a person and a man. So don’t fucking ask “why he left?”.

  2. I wonder if we will ever get the real story on Mick’s departure from Bel Ami? Also why despite his popularity Mick has never returned to porn even for a one time appearance? Reportedly there are still a few scenes left in the vault that Bel Ami has yet to release. What a great scoop that would be if The Sword could get Mick to agree to an interview about his time in porn and what he is doing now.

    1. BelAmi has actually made a statement on why Mick left. But it came as a comment in an update (photo shoot) so many has probably missed it. It was one year ago (november 2013). Mick left porn because the pressure on him was too big. My simple interpretation is that someone found out he did porn and put heavy pressure on him to quit. That someone could be his family, friends or girlfriend.

      When Mick suddenly became totally silent on twitter august 2012 you understood that something was wrong. And yes, he did not show up on at least two film or photo sessions. That is of course very bad done by Mick. But if your family/friend/gf is chasing you, you can get desperate. Mick is my very big favourite too. I agree that he is “BelAmi star of the decade” as it said in the intro-text.

      I agree that it would be really great if The Sword got Mick to agree to do an interview. It would be great if you tried, but I´m aware that it´s not so likely as he wants to put his time in porn behind him. I could write at least 10-15 questions… There are so many contradictions. But her i limit myself to two questions:

      – If you were afraid of getting revealed for doing porn, why were you so open on Twitter? (Which city you live in, night club etc….)
      – You were silent on Twitter august — 23 dec (2012). Probably because your family or friends or girlfriend found out you did porn. You then went to Cybersockets Awards and then left BelAmi probably in februrary 2013. Why did you do a comeback?? I guess your family/friend/girlfriend (don´t know which one) was heavily against a comeback???

      1. I would find it ironic if Mick Lovell was afraid of being found out for doing porn when he did in fact become the most popular male porn star in the industry. Complete with fans around the world, I agree he was very open about his career with Twitter and Flirt4Free and his YouTube channel, appearances and of course you can still buy Mick’s sex toys on Fleshjack which I am assuming he still gets a percentage of the sales or money from licensing his image.

        1. Well, he left porn because someone close found out he was doing porn and put pressure on him to quit. So obviously he didn´t count on being revealed for doing porn. Secondly – it´s not very likely that straight persons in his family or straight friends are browsing gay porn sites or gay porn blogs. So it´s not very likely that they would find Mick´s porn pics/videos.

          And I would guess that gay persons in his neighbourhood who recognizes him from porn, probably keep their mouths shut. But anyway someone close found out- it´s damned sad!

  3. He is hot and all….But if you are not a teen ager u should not have that hair cut…..And its a waste of dick when he is pretty much a bottom

    1. Yeah, his ass is disappointing, but it’s the only disappointing thing about him. He’s fucking scorching hot otherwise.

      1. I agree very much. I adore Mick too. But his haircut (hair hanging down over his face) is really annoying. One more bad thing with this lovely and witty/kind/agile guy is his bad posture. But besides that – he is fantastic :)

  4. IMHO, Mick is the most beautiful man ever to do gay porn. When you add in that long sleek body and gorgeous cock, there’s just not many that can compare. This comes from a guy who likes dark hair, dark skin, and dark eyes in his personal life. But I would be blind not to see what this stud has to offer.

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