Watch Brenner Bolton Shoot A HUMUNGOUS Load While Bennett Anthony Pile-Drives His Hole

The latest scene from borrows a page from the Bel Ami playbook where they pretend they’re not actually shooting when the scene starts, and it’s just two models “getting to know each other” and touching each others’ junk.

The premise of Downtime Get Down is basically that: Brenner Bolton walks into a shoot house, wonders where everyone is, “director” Paul Wagner tells him they’re running a little behind, but then as soon as a Brenner bends over the pool table to check his phone, up walks shirtless Bennett Anthony all ready to go.

“I’m a fan of your work” is what porn stars say to each other in lieu of “you’re hot and I want to fuck you,” and that’s what they both say.


Then they fuck and it’s pretty hot! Hottest, especially, is Brenner’s cumshot, which happens immediately after Bennett climbs up on the pool table to pile-drive his ass. Brenner can’t hold back any longer with Bennett’s dick sliding in, and he just blows the most enormous load all over his chest.




And Bennett’s cumshot goes all over Brenner’s mouth, just like he likes it.



Here’s the trailer from Downtime Get Down.

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