Darenger McCarthy, James Fox

6’5″ Darenger McCarthy Barebacks James Fox

We’re used to seeing guys of all different heights star in gay porn, but it’s pretty rare to see someone star in a scene that’s clocking in at a whopping 6’5″. I mean, it’s rare unless you’re exclusively just watching scenes featuring Darenger McCarthy.

Darenger is the star of one of the newest vids from Masqulin. For his new scene, the muscle man teams up with the 5’7″ James Fox for a sexy masseur-themed video that has Darenger hiring James for a full body massage. In the video, Darenger strips down, reveals his amazing body, his surprisingly smooth ass, and with one thing leading to another, we then get to watch the two bareback on top of a bench and a bed.

This is the second appearance Darenger, who has also previously done work for various studios on SayUncle, has made on the Masqulin site. In his big debut for the studio back in June, the tall slab of man was paired up with Jake Nobello for a “set up” that saw Darenger barebacking the young performer. You can watch that scene here. 

Overall, this new Darenger video is a pretty great scene to jerk it to if you’re someone that likes to watch one of the tallest gay porn performers around put their cock to good use. I personally can’t think of any performers that are 6’5″+ and still actively working in studio porn, so there’s a good chance that he actually is the tallest model working right now. (Let us know down in the comments if you can think of a stud that’s taller than the 6’5″ Darenger McCarthy.)

Sound off with your hot thoughts and your tall porn star crushes below and be sure to go watch this entire new Darenger video over at Masqulin right now. Don’t have an account? Sign up for Masqulin during its Labor Day sale and get a lifetime membership for only $12/month.


13 thoughts on “6’5″ Darenger McCarthy Barebacks James Fox”

  1. I have viewed Darenger Mccarthy in several scenes. he is the epitome of a masculine and rugged man. His nickname should be ” the mailman” because he always delivers an intense, passionate and exciting performance.

    Darenger’s scene with Alex Mecum is one of THE best ever shown. Both men exude mutual and intensity.

    Another scene is of Darenger with James Fox. It is one of the most erotic massage scenes that becomes one big sweat filled sex .

    As for tall men in gay porn, Parker Logan is 6’8″ in height.

    It would be great to pair these two men in a scene.as both of them sizzle.

  2. Darenger McCarthy is hot, but I’m not going to watch the scene because of the other person. Zero interest in people who want to “educate” others by posting conversations on Twitter. I go on red alert when someone wants to “educate” me because I feel like I’m being called dumb.

    1. Think what you want from me. I know my IQ. I take this opportunity to suggest you review your attitude, as it is rude to call someone “dumb” or “stupid” because you have a different point of view. You can say you disagree without being offensive, as I am calmly doing.

    1. at 6’4″, I’m usually the tall one, but my ex is 6’7″ and incredibly hung — that was a real treat, and I love seeing tall guys in porn.

  3. WOOF, while the “masseur” is actually more my overall choice for a “type,” as a “shortie” myself, I have always been fascinated with tall/taller men. Darenger is HOTTTT. Grrrr.

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