Roman Todd, Jayden Marcos

A Roman Todd / Jayden Marcos Flip Fuck? Yes Please!

Hallelujah! It’s time to celebrate as two of our very favorite porn stars—Roman Todd and Jayden Marcos—are not only in a scene together, but it’s a flip fuck! Whoo!

Seeing either of these studs in a scene always makes it a must-see, so getting to see them together is almost too much excitement for our heart to  take (almost!). Roman looks fine as fuck as a waiter, and Jayden plays a customer who always comes back to get served by him (he orders a meaty burger every time, so it’s clear he likes some Grade A beef). Roman finally calls him out on his repeat appearances and takes advantage of the situation when the two find themselves alone at “Closing Time.”

Roman Todd, Jayden Marcos Roman Todd, Jayden Marcos

Roman Todd, Jayden Marcos Roman Todd, Jayden Marcos

Roman Todd, Jayden Marcos

It’s actually a very cute and somewhat romantic scene, which makes some of the stills for the scene (filled with the “shocked” faces) a little misleading. Jayden helps himself to Roman’s cock behind the bar, slurping on it before the two head out by the tables and Roman returns the favor (minor quibble: with how spacious the restaurant space is, why is some of the action framed with one of the tables blocking part of Jayden’s body?!).

Roman Todd, Jayden Marcos Roman Todd, Jayden Marcos

Roman Todd, Jayden Marcos Roman Todd, Jayden Marcos

Roman Todd, Jayden Marcos

Then the two swap fucks, and my favorite part is watching jock Roman sit down on Jayden and ride, jacking his own boner as he does it. They also both take it doggy (Roman working up a nice spitty mess on Jayden’s hole before he fucks him), and Jayden gets on his back at the end before the two squirt together. What do you think of seeing these two A-listers together?

See the full scene at Next Door!


23 thoughts on “A Roman Todd / Jayden Marcos Flip Fuck? Yes Please!”

    1. Christ! Did Roman Todd do something to you that warrants such a dickhead comment! If you don’t like him, don’t watch and stop letting him take up real estate in your head.

  1. 2 nasty straight guys faking their way to make a few hundred bucks. What a snore. I’m sure, after the scene there was a lot of “Hey bro… how’s your chick?” Hey man… she’s good! How’s your wife?”

  2. All studios must improve the quality of photography. There are some studios that record videos with such bad images that they should be ashamed of releasing such rubbish to the public. Another very important thing: please stop showing ugly close-ups of holes dripping with cum and rosebuds. It´s disgusting. Instead of exciting, it cuts lust.

    1. Universal Potentate

      Gonna have to agree and disagree.
      Yes to everything EXCEPT …
      Porn to me is close up assholes dripping with cum and showing their rosebud. I’m disinterested in vanilla or soft core porn, especially the type that focuses on side shots. If it avoids showing entry and removal of someone’s dick, I’m almost insulted.
      The lesson here is better labeling. Porn is still using 2000 era labels (WTF is gonzo?).
      Searches need to be refined by likes AND dislikes.
      I HATE condom porn (stealthing being an exception). Others like it. Most don’t mind.
      Content should be curated for the viewer and that curation should be done with good quality. I feel like instead of upping its game, porn is just phoning it in.

      1. I agree partially with you. I totally agree with the part “If it avoids showing entry and removal of someone’s dick, I’m almost insulted.” I love to see anal close-ups and the movement of the penetration. However, rosebuds, fisting, holes dripping with cum, these type of very aggressive things are not for me. I like beauty. I want to watch beautiful scenes, with excellent photography. If straight porn can produce excellent scenes, why should I, while a gay person, to accept to be treated as a second-class citizen? And I love condom porn. I think it´s an affirmation that the director is extremely intelligent because the “raw” appeal is easy. I also think about the performers as human beings and, believe me or not, I care about their health. Yes, I care about the health of the performers, that´s why I respect so much directors that shot condom porn.

        1. Universal Potentate

          Sure. We all have our preferences. That’s why the solution is a more curated selection with likes and dislikes. I want to see “Man Ass” as a category. But dislike “hairy.”
          And I like straight porn too … so long as it shows a hairless bubble butt on the guy.
          Curating these preferences would alleviate viewer anxiety.
          But well shot porn is a GREAT point you bring up. That would have to be broken down into Beautiful Photography and Great Angles. Sketchy Sex and Frat X have Great Angles while Belami has Beautiful Photography.

      2. Shut the fuck UP Potenfuck!! You are such an elitist piece of shit!! Everything you say is a joke, so PLEASE leave OUR message board. No one wants to hear from you, except for the people you PAY to comment in your favor.

    2. the “master” of bad photography is now Cockyboy Studios, dont know what happens the last months…..but all is shoot via one position…or again and again in the same set/room/ bed….but this here is nice made…its a typical “Nextdoor” production…nothing speacial

  3. Universal Potentate

    … sigh …
    Times to NEVER BOTTOM are:
    After eating a burger
    After a shift as a bartender or server
    In a food service area
    And of course this was mostly side angles that hide their asses & dicks, so I couldn’t get into any part of the fantasy side.
    Because why not get everyone excited for Jayden Marcos & Roman Todd together for a flip flop scene if you’re not gonna completely ruin it?

      1. Right?? He IS a whiny ass bitch!! And I’m sure he’s tried to fuck himself many times… but with a micro dick, that’s impossible!!

  4. Flipping is always a good thing especially when it is back and forth rather than, you first them me.
    Two hot guys doing it makes it better.
    A tan line is frosting.

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