Adam Ramzi Splits Newcomer Liam Hunt’s Beautiful Buns

We get two reasons to celebrate in this new Raging Stallion scene: Not only does it feature handsome newcomer Liam Hunt as his memorable debut year continues, it pairs him with Adam Ramzi—who we have seen very little of in 2023.

Liam made his debut at Active Duty earlier this year and appeared in the NakedSword Originals production Worship Me, getting his hairy hole pounded by hung muscle man Morgxn Thicke. He also had hot action with some Falcon | NakedSword exclusives, flipping with Beau Butler and bending over for Andre Donovan’s big dick. Meanwhile, Adam has only appeared in a few scenes this year after a busier 2022.

Adam Ramzi, Liam Hunt Adam Ramzi, Liam Hunt

Adam Ramzi, Liam Hunt Adam Ramzi, Liam Hunt

Now the two fuzzy hunks appear together in the latest scene from Cum To Your Senses, which continues to celebrate the smell of man (following that hot opener with Drew Valentino and Alpha Wolfe). Liam works up a nice sheen of sweat during a workout, and Adam can’t help but get a whiff of his pit. Then he bends the stud over to sniff his sweaty groin and hole.

Adam Ramzi, Liam Hunt Adam Ramzi, Liam Hunt

Adam Ramzi, Liam Hunt Adam Ramzi, Liam Hunt

After sucking Adam’s hard cock in the bathroom, the two head to the bedroom. Adam eats out Liam some more, then fucks him from behind. And then when Liam sits down on the top’s cock (flexxing as he rides), Adam wipes some of the man musk off of the bottom’s pits and sniffs it off his own fingers. He also gets another whiff of it when Liam leans in as they fuck, the two finally squirting after the bottom gets on his back for more.

Do you like sniffing sweaty pits as you fuck?

See Adam and Liam at Raging Stallion!


21 thoughts on “Adam Ramzi Splits Newcomer Liam Hunt’s Beautiful Buns”

  1. Liam Hunt: gorgeous. Perfect face. Amazing butt. Adam Ramzi: Boring as hell. He should have retired by now. His scenes are always more of the same. He should vary a little, filming with some person of color. Because I really don’t remember seeing him with a POC!

        1. Nick, I wouldn’t pay any attention to Mister Anonymous if I were you. It’s obvious he has balls the size of two lentils or he wouldn’t be afraid to post under his actual name. And he obviously is a desperately unhappy person or he wouldn’t feel the need to try to make other people unhappy. I pity him — and I pray that the sun will spit morning into his face very soon.

  2. This scene has become an unexpected favorite. Nothing turns me on more than a post workout fuck and Adam and Liam played it so convincingly I can almost smell it. Bravo!

  3. fuck adam ramzi, he’s put down on model applications that he won’t fuck models “of a darker complexion” Fucking internalized racist.

      1. Trust me if I grabbed that record I would get in trouble since it’s sensitive information. But if you need proof look up his videography. And he has never shot with a model of a darker complexion.

        1. He did a scene with Noah Donovan, another with Andre Donovan, and another with Ricky Roman. I looked for his model profile online and could not find it.

      1. That’s he’s a self hating racist, I remember I literally shrieked outloud in the office when I saw that he put down on this profile that he wouldn’t shoot with anyone with a dark complexion.

        Meanwhile Dale Cooper I praised highly he put down he WOULD NOT SHOOT with anyone who has race preferences.

  4. Love that their chests have hair! That combined with their great looks, bodies and nice-sized cocks makes this couple HOT! Bring them back for more!

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