Andre Donovan

Andre Donovan Stuns With New Big Dick Photo

Attention big dick lovers and size queens everywhere! Andre Donovan is on the latest cover of HUNT eZine and showing off his lengthy hog to promote his latest Falcon Studios film, Body & Sol!

This new issue of the official eZine of Falcon | NakedSword just dropped today and in addition to showing off a stunning snapshot of Andre’s impressive member, the online publication is also giving us a look at a Model Spotlight photo gallery featuring some of Andre’s sexiest moments while telling us all about what’s been going on with Andre’s impressive career.

This Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive isn’t the only star of HUNT though. This issue of the magazine also gets into the dirty details of Body & Sol, the debut of the new trucker fucker Raging Stallion movie, and even gives fans the chance to download some dominating pics from the latest Fetish Force flick in its Free Action Gallery. On top of all that, this edition of HUNT is also giving out a Free Scene Download and letting you get your hands on a 24 Hour Boner scene featuring Rikk York & Nate Stetson.

Let us know what you think of Andre’s new cover down in the comments and if you want your own FREE edition of this online Falcon eZine, be sure to click over to the official HUNT website right now!

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