Andrew Stark Talks About Being an Exhibitionist and Driving a Hearse, and Flip-Fucks Ryan Rose

The newest scene from Raging Stallion’s big “A-list” bonanza, Total Exposure, is a hot flip-fuck in a barn with two beautiful men, Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose.

But before I get to that, the studio’s put out a new interview, this one conducted by director Nick Fox, with Andrew Stark, on set in Arizona during the filming of Total Exposure.

Stark talks about his love of art — he’s a professional autobody painter and airbrush artist, in addition to doing body makeup and other stuff — and his love of showing off. “Your favorite scene partner is the camera,” Fox says, and Stark agrees. He gets just a little bit harder if someone new shows up to look at him.

And he says he’s a “try-sexual” who’ll try anything, and he legitimately likes to fuck guys and girls with personality being the most attractive quality.

Also interesting is that his family has always been in the Halloween business, putting on a haunted house every year, and in real life he drives a vintage hearse nicknamed “fatass.”

And now for the scene…

Andrew and Ryan are just drinking some whiskey like good old boys in the barn, and they start taking off each others’ clothes. Out comes Andrew’s cock and into Ryan’s mouth it goes, and then they fuck, taking turns with each others’ butt holes.

Andrew may like to try anything, but he doesn’t always look that happy when he’s bottoming. Nevertheless, I could watch Ryan Rose fucking him for days.











Can’t get enough? Watch it all at Raging

[Raging Stallion: Total Exposure 2, Scene 8]

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