Buck Richards, Arad Winwin, GayRoom

Arad Winwin Oils Up & Tops Buck Richards

Want to start off your weekend with some hot, oiled-up cock? How about a jiggly, hairy booty? How about Arad Winwin’s killer bod? If your answer is yes to any of those, then I have a perfect scene that you can beat your meat to.

The newest video from the boys over at GayRoom features Arad giving Buck Richards and his long dick a massage that climaxes with a happy ending. And it’s just not any happy ending, it’s a full-on anal fuck session.

The scene starts with Buck cleaning up in the shower and running his hands all over his naked body. He strokes his long, soapy dong and rubs his bouncy, hairy booty. While his solo shower play is going on, Arad is setting up for his upcoming erotic massage.

Buck Richards, Arad Winwin, GayRoom Buck Richards, Arad Winwin, GayRoom

Once the massage is underway, Arad pours massage oil all over Buck’s naked body. Buck has a small towel covering his large junk, but his low hanging balls are peeking out the bottom of the towel. Arad purposely drips some oil on his client’s seed storage orbs and starts massaging Buck’s manhood.

After Buck turns over, Arad continues to oil up his ass. The masseuse rubs his hands all over Buck’s meaty rear end and toys with his wet hole. He even jerks off his now-rock hard member that’s lying between his legs.

Buck Richards, Arad Winwin, GayRoomBuck Richards, Arad Winwin, GayRoom

At this point, Arad’s cock is fully hard so he pulls it out for his client to suck. After servicing it for a while, Arad props one of his legs up on the massage table so he can face fuck Buck.

When the muscle hunk is done humping his partner’s face, he decides to bend him over and penetrate his oiled-up booty. Bent over the table, Buck opens up his hole for Arad to enter, but the true beauty comes after they change positions.

Once Buck is on his back, we get some hot aerial shots of the ass blasting action. The bearded bottom is jerking off his huge dong as his partner slams his meat into his wet hole. Buck then shoots his warm jizz all over himself as he’s getting topped. Arad finishes off the scene by covering Buck’s beard with his sticky load.

Buck Richards, Arad Winwin, GayRoom Buck Richards, Arad Winwin, GayRoom

Take a look at a clip from this hot scene below and be sure to catch the entire video over at GayRoom!


5 thoughts on “Arad Winwin Oils Up & Tops Buck Richards”

  1. That’s the hottest fucking massage I’ve ever seen! I’m not usually a fan of full grown beards but in this scene, it does it for me. Arad’s dick face fucking Buck is just perfect. And Buck’s hard cock and big balls really turn me on. Nice job!

  2. WOW … The last time I saw Buck Richards he was playing a demonic clown and the fucked Scott DeMarko to death on a bail of hey.
    Im not sure who was hotter … who am I kidding, I have been madly in love with Scott from the first time I saw him. He was in one of those gang bangs filmed in SF. he was like a little puppy, standing behind his BF at the time, Jack Andy and stayed behind hm or next to him for the whole 60 minutes. When Jack fucked the gang bang guy, Scott was right behind him. i then discovered that he did the same thing with his first BF, Owen, and always in huge ganf bang scenes. Anyway, I so glad to see Buck again. And Im so glad that Scott is no longer with Jack Andy ! There I said it … curse me if you will … Jack was a dick to Scott and after they broke up, Jack wound up with someone who will not be named, if you want to know, Jack and his new BF are in several secens every week and his BF mentions his ” partner ” Jack ad nuaseum …its like hes trying to through shade at Scott AND his BF that he had before Miss Andy … jeez … i cant decide if im a stalker or a bitter bitch … oh well … dig in girls, i did a lot of research on this one

    1. Wow. Yeah, I like buck much better here than when he fucked Scott, Arad is fucking dynamic and such a hunk! His cumshot on bucks face… I replay over and over.

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