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#AskColby’s Sexy and Surprising Answers

We already know what he does on screen. The hashtag #AskColby allowed us to discover how Colby Keller lives the rest of his life is just as sexy.

While Colby Keller was on set with Adam Ramzi for their scene in “Fuck Me I’m Famous,” #AskColby was permeating Facebook and Twitter. We like how he looks. We like what he does. But we wanted to know more about what was happening in the rest of his life. So did you.

One thing that piqued everyone’s interest…


… was how Colby Keller came to be the full frontal face of avant-garde designer Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer 2016 campaign, Mirror the World, and is there more in store? Wait until you hear how big Colby’s feet are and what they had to do to get those boots to fit.

The more you know about Colby Keller, the sexier he gets until social intercourse alone will not suffice. For the other variety, check out all of Colby’s scenes at NakedSword, including his latest from “Fuck Me I’m Famous.”

See you all tomorrow for the second scene from “Fuck Me I’m Famous.” Until then, have a “Colby” day!

5 thoughts on “#AskColby’s Sexy and Surprising Answers”

  1. I don’t see it. He needs a shower. Those photos for Westwood look like they were taken by a six year old. Horrible! I liked the sex with Adam Ramzi, even though Colby needs s tan and a shower

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