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“Overpowered” By A Power Top

Rex Cameron’s complete sexual surrender to Austin Wolf means he gets “Overpowered”. He relishes every thrust almost as much as Austin does.

The burly mechanic and lusty apprentice is the first carnal tale that gets played out in “Overpowered”, the brand-new DVD from Hot House.

The primal mating dance between doms and subs doesn’t always mean gear and dungeons. “Overpowered” exposes the lusty truth when sexual greed is shared on even playing field where everyone knows their place in the carnal hierarchy.

Falcon Studios Group exclusive Austin Wolf anchors the cast which includes Rex Cameron
austin wolf rex cameron hot house…along with Gabriel Cross, Micky Jr., and Myles Landon.

The first scene premiered today with a scorcher of an encounter between Austin and Rex.

austin wolf rex cameron hot houseRex Cameron’s scene with Sebastian Kross was so memorable, Rex gave us his personal take on what it was like to bottom for the tatted one. After this, he’s likely taking to his keyboard again. It’s not just his scruff. He’s never looked better. And judging by the chemistry, that fact was not lost on Austin.

austin wolf rex cameron hot houseTheir eyes begin a sentence their body language completes, rendering words unnecessary. Austin pushes Rex down, yanks Rex’s jeans to his ankles and uses his tongue to probe every inch Rex’s willing ass. Ready and very willing to service his superior’s cock, Rex strokes his bone as Austin stuffs his cock down Rex’s throat until he gags, but keeps on sucking.

austin wolf rex cameron hot houseWhen Austin has had enough of Rex’s mouth, he moves to the workbench and Rex slams his ass on Austin’s dick. With his cock deep inside Rex, Austin reaches back and stuffs a finger in his hole to give Rex the ultimate stretch. They move back to the hood of the car, the sexual anticipation dripping over them both.

austin wolf rex cameron hot houseHiking one of Rex’s legs up gives Austin a new angle right to Rex’s magic zone. Shudders of pleasure wash over Rex’s face while his throbbing cock cheers on Austin to go deeper and harder.

austin wolf rex cameron hot houseAustin puts Rex on his back for a rough pounding on the car’s hood. Rex shoots a thick nut onto his abs as Austin keeps drilling. And once Austin unloads on Rex, he wipes it and has Rex he clean off his fingers before a cum drenched last kiss.

[Watch Rex & Austin in “Overpowered” scene one at Hot House]

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