Beau Butler, Romeo David, Chris Damned

Beau Butler Is Hottest When He’s Getting Stuffed At Both Ends

Looks like your turkey isn’t the only thing getting stuffed this week! Over on Raging Stallion, Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler is opening up both ends to get pumped and stuffed by two of gay porn’s hottest cocks!

This new threesome featuring Beau acts as the big finale to Raging Stallion’s Guilty As Sin and while the plot is a little too complicated for us to accurately wrap up here in a simple blog post, basically all you need to know is that we now know that Beau is actually going full Lindsay Lohan and doing double duty in this film by playing identical twins, both of who are desperately trying to secure a spot in their father’s will.

We’ll let you watch the scene to figure out all the intricacies of the twisted (and deadly) antics that these twins get into, but for now, all you need to know is that this movie ends with one of the twins succeeding in their money-grabbing plans and the other gets stuck in a conference room to get pounded by bodyguards Chris Damned and Romeo Davis – which, if we’re being honest, doesn’t really seem like that much of a punishment. I know plenty of men who would love to be locked in a room with these men and their hot cocks.

If you’re a hardcore fan of Beau Butler, then you know that this defintely isn’t the first time we’ve seen the star take on two cocks at the same time. He’s been the hungry bottom in everything from RIDE OR DIE to Power Play, Fuck Me Fast And Furious, and what’s probably our favorite Beau-centric threesome, the finale to Tales From The Locker Room 2. Honestly, he has enough of these scenes that we 100% need to write up a ranking of his hottest threesomes for Falcon | NakedSword.

So what do you think of this new threeway? Who do you want to see fuck Beau for his next threesome? Let us know all your hot thoughts on the Guilty As Sin finale below and if you want to see even more from these hunks, be sure to check out all the action over on Raging Stallion!

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