Bendy Bottom Nick Floyd & His Tight Hole Squeeze Aiden Ward’s Big Dick

When last we saw super-cute Nick Floyd, it was a few weeks ago in his CockyBoys debut. That alone is memorable enough, but the fact that he put his legs behind his head as he was getting fucked by Trevor Brooks created an indelible image. And God bless him, that bottom is at it again!

And now the stakes are even higher, because Nick is taking an even bigger dick this time: The delicious rod of Aiden Ward, who is in total top mode as he takes control of his boy. That starts with some fantastic slurping on Aiden’s rock-hard shaft, which looks incredible in a slurptastic 69.

Nick Floyd, Aiden Ward Nick Floyd, Aiden Ward

Nick Floyd, Aiden Ward Nick Floyd, Aiden Ward

The bottom then sits down on that dick, riding it like a champ (and unfortunately keeping his underwear on, hiding that bulge that’s itching to get out). The two take turns doing the thrusting, and then we get more great positions as they show off their skills. That includes a doggy fuck, where we can still see Nick’s bulge itching to get out.

Nick Floyd, Aiden Ward Nick Floyd, Aiden Ward

Nick Floyd, Aiden Ward Nick Floyd, Aiden Ward

When the bottom’s cock finally gets to breathe, we get a beautiful site: Nick rock hard as he gets spoon fucked, Aiden’s thick shaft drilling him deep. Nick then gets on his back, and Aiden sucks him before sliding his dick back in—stroking Nick as he drills him (this is so hot!). The bottom also shows off his amazing flexibility again, putting his legs behind his head as he takes it. The top jerks a wad out of Nick, then uses the load as lube to squirt and breed Nick’s hole with it…and then jerks out a few more drops over the sub’s mouth in a hot cumclusion!

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


14 thoughts on “Bendy Bottom Nick Floyd & His Tight Hole Squeeze Aiden Ward’s Big Dick”

  1. Nick is very attractive with a nice dick. Would like to see him in more threesome or group scenes. Excellent choice for Cockyboys to sign him.

      1. Universal Potentate

        Aiden’s been getting fisted for a while. Proper training gets the hole to snap back. It’s the same weird stigma normal bottoming had for decades until the internet proved that incorrect.
        Lots of 50&60-something porn actors/actresses did extreme penetration and have perfect bowel control. Probably better than their contemporaries because they’ve trained the muscles all their lives.

        1. Like I said, he just started with the DPs (on-camera) and got some (off-camera) experience last year as a fisting top, with those big paws and slim hairless wrists of his. :D””” So I know he’s not opposed to some handball and I wouldn’t put it past Aiden to have done some serious hole play after the shoot.

          While I’m here I have to say that his Superboy/Robin haircut is delicious and he could be my clean cut hand puppet any day

          1. Universal Potentate

            Really excited to see what he does in the next few years. Fisting and prolapsing is becoming more of a thing now. I REALLY hope he goes down that road!!

          2. I for one can’t wait for this “prolapse” trend to pass. Rosebudding isn’t actually prolapsing because your rectum (hopefully) stays connected to muscle tissue. It can cause fissures, which can cause leaky bowel syndrome and necrotic tissue. These are already the dangers of over-douching. You’re also more exposed to bacteria and external irritants. If you aren’t extremely careful it can cause a real prolapse, which requires invasive surgery and could end a career. Your insides should remain INSIDE.

            Studios make you sign a waiver stating that issues pertaining to damage are not covered by in-house insurance and you won’t file a personal injury claim. This includes extreme throating where you puke, (which can cause aspiration and lead to pneumonia), fisting, extreme breath control, and sometimes even DP. Contract workers are not eligible for workman’s comp, but you can buy day-of-shoot insurance, which can cost half of your pay.

            P.S. I’m not kink-shaming, I’m providing medical information and a reality check.

          3. Universal Potentate

            Gonna have to disagree with your “medical information” there. The words “can cause” can cause more problems than benefits when they are detached from statistical realities and proper procedures.
            A rectal douche “can cause” your eyeballs to shoot out if you don’t adjust the pressure properly.
            Failure to circumcise “can cause” hygiene problems, excess prepuce bacteria and penile cancer.
            Fisting, double penetration and prolapse play “can cause” all the things you said, including excess douching.
            But training in the gym “can cause” lifelong injuries just as training your sphincter “can cause” fissures, detached colon and internal externalities.
            The reality is, medically or otherwise, proper training over time, usually years to over a decade, allows your body to skillfully do things an untrained body simply cannot. These people are anal Olympians and are demonstrating amazing feats which inspire younger people to practice and do them as well. The next generation will be better and more daring than this one. I’m excited to see what they invent/normalize next. Perhaps urethral sounding to the point where a thin penis can fuck a gaping urethral slit?
            We’ll find out. And I fully expect someone engaging in medical alarmism will discuss lawsuits and insurance and how these activities “can cause” total implosion of the solar system.

          4. My information is valid medical advice from dealing with performer contracts and insurance. The way you’re pointing out “can cause” is a whataboutism. There are no absolutes in life, saying “will cause” would be irresponsible. This generation is pushing boundaries mostly because they have to compete to be noticed. Yes, some do enjoy it and I love seeing them doing kink when they are. There is no way your extreme idea regarding the insertion of a penis into the urethra won’t cause irreversible damage. I know we both have our areas of expertise, mine has been the sex industry for decades My hope for these young performers is they aren’t in the business a decade from now and have moved on to live a rich and rewarding life.

  2. Universal Potentate

    Aidan posted this scene on this Twitter.
    So good!
    I just never feel right when Aidan isn’t bottoming. He’s SUCH a hood versatile actor who can get 3P’d & fisted.

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