big dicks sean cody corbin fisher

CockYourVote: Steven or Darryl?

One is silent. The other could be deadly. Are you #TeamShy or #TeamOhMy?

The expression “Speak softly, and carry a big stick,” was imparted to the American lexicon by the first President Roosevelt a century ago. I’m pulling that out of mothballs for today’s CockYourVote as it has been revived by two new guys who embody what that phrase means in ways Teddy never could have imagined.

First up, and speaking softly, Steven from Corbin Fisher.

big dicks sean cody corbin fisher

Steven is a “skater boy” who said he was excited to be on camera and wasn’t nervous at all. I think that he didn’t allow his nerves to get in the way is more like it. He’s got a thick, cut dick that quite possibly weighs as much as the rest of him put together. Steven seems eager enough. Was that to finally get the chance to drop trou or to jettison that three-day load he saved up for this occasion?

[Watch the “Steven at Corbin Fisher” full movie]

And now we have the big stick in the form of Darryl from Sean Cody

big dicks sean cody corbin fisher

“You have a huge wiener!” Sean Cody states. “I guess you could call it pretty big,” a bashful Darryl replies. When placing objects in order by size, Darryl listed a tv remote, his dick, then a ruler. He spoke the truth. Darryl admits he has some locker room fantasies he’s never acted upon. Yet. “Will we see you again anytime soon?” they asked. A double, “Yeah” was his reply. Consider yourself warned.

“Do you always cum that much? That was insane!” He does. Twice.

[Watch the “Darryl at Sean Cody” full movie]

Speak softly or carry a big stick?

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