Papi Kocic, Cole

Blond Hottie Cole Finally Bottoms, Gets Manhandled by Papi Kocic

We haven’t seen nearly enough of blond hottie Cole (aka Cole Hughes) for my liking. After making his studio debut a year ago with two scenes at Sean Cody, the hottie made his debut last summer shoving his cock into the holes of MrDeepVoice.

Now the jock is finally back at Men, and now we get to see him bottom for the first time at a studio (yay!). He’s paired with muscle stud Papi Kocic, and I love seeing the shift in dynamics as Cole gives up his holes. But first off, how hot are these two (even clothed!)…

Papi Kocic, Cole Papi Kocic, Cole

Papi Kocic, Cole

The two start with some smooching outside, when we can already see Papi exerting his dominance. When the men head inside (to one of those palatial Euro homes often uses), Papi pushes the bottom against a wall as they stroke each other’s hard cocks. After sucking on the alpha’s thick dick, Cole offers up his hole for munching before getting pounded.

Papi Kocic, Cole Papi Kocic, Cole

Cole gets pounded doggy against the wall, and also sits down on Papi before getting on his back for more before they bust. Can we please see Cole more than once every three damn months?! What do you think of Mr. Hughes as a bottom?

See the full scene at!


17 thoughts on “Blond Hottie Cole Finally Bottoms, Gets Manhandled by Papi Kocic”

  1. Papi is gorgeous, movie-star handsome. A real stunner. He lifts his arm considerately, so as to not block our view of the fuck action. And I get off on his tattoos. And Cole is great, with a robust body and good looks. Really, sometimes I wonder what all the complainers are upset about. They don’t seem to like porn. Maybe they should watch National Velvet, and shut up.

  2. Wait…isn’t this the same guy who did a scene with Mr. DeepVoice and when he came, it was obvious it was lotion? LMAO!!

  3. Another straight boy pretending to be gay. Yawn. What are real gay guys not hot enough? It’s like hiring straight folks to play gay characters on TV because, well, that’s “acting”. They should put in their contracts that if they’re going to get paid, they need to at least suck cock.

  4. Papi Kocic is undoubtedly one of the cheesiest porn actors out there. He literally worships himself and can he stop with the constant “raising my arm up to show my armpit because I think it’s hot”. Newsflash. It isn’t.

  5. Always had a bit of a thing for “Cole”. He’s a well-known, chatty AF, instagay in the UK. And he’s no ingénue to bottoming … seen him riding the pork sword many many many times :-)

  6. What can I say about tattoos that I haven’t said before? Papi would be a major hottie if he hadn’t destroyed his looks by blanketing his body with all that hideousness. What a damn shame.

  7. Universal Potentate

    No. I liked the models.
    The preview was short, far away and from the side.
    It was terribly shot. If the whole scene was that poorly shot then there would be no point in watching it.

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