Exclusive: Vote Now For The 2023 Bony Awards

The crew over at Discretion Advised has been teasing the 2023 Bony Awards for weeks and now the Falcon | NakedSword podcast is finally revealing the official nominees and opening the polls for its first iteration of what can only be described as an incredibly serious and highly prestigious award show.

Presented by podcast hosts John Hill and Marc MacNamara during the show’s latest episode, the categories for this round of Bonys include everything from Outstanding Performance by an Actor to Best Armpit Action, Best Appearance by an Indoor House Plant and Best Use of a Food Item. There’s even a prize for the Best Porn Costume That Was Also Worn By Marc on the Podcast as well as a special honor for the work of Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler that’s appropriately titled The Beau Butler Achievement in Anal Award. Catch the full list of categories and footage of each nominee below in The Sword’s exclusive NSFW Bony Award reel:

Made up of projects released in the last year that can be viewed on NakedSword.com, this batch of nominees includes major 2022 and 2023 NakedSword Originals projects like The SwordsFirst Mission and Islas Canarias. The acclaimed Falcon Studios films Cumming Home For Christmas and Cheat Day also scored a handful of nominations in addition to some recognition for other must-watch titles from Raging Stallion, Hot House and NakedSword X Rhyheim. As far as stars go, the list is packed with unique noms for fan favorite performers like Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Drew Valentino and Cole Connor along with Andre Donovan, Dakota Payne, Tony Genius, Dean Young, Rafael Alencar, Michael Boston, Oskar Ivan, Roman Todd and plenty other recognizable names.

Watch the full reel above and explore the page below to vote for your favorite stars, plants, food, positions and more. After that, click on over to “the Netflix of gay porn” – NakedSword.com – to watch all these nominees in full and then be sure to catch the July 18 episode of Discretion Advised to find out the winners from this year’s Bony Awards!

Vote for all your favorites above and to see even more of all of these nominated titles, click on over to “the Netflix of gay porn” – NakedSword.com! Then be sure to catch the July 18 episode of Discretion Advised on your favorite podcast app or over on YouTube to hear Marc and John unveil the official list of winners for this inaugural year of the Bony Awards!


18 thoughts on “Exclusive: Vote Now For The 2023 Bony Awards”

  1. Michael Boston, Tony Genius and Dean Young are so gorgeous! Michael Boston is extremely sweet with his fans. I’ve written to several pornstars and almost none of them even noticed me. Michael Boston answered me some times, always very friendly. He has also replied to friends of mine, black, Asian and Latino, which shows that he is a non-prejudiced and inclusive person with a good heart. You know a pornstar’s personality by the way he treats his fans and Michael Boston is one of the coolest.

    1. Universal Potentate

      This is what I’ve heard about Michael from real people who actually interact with him. He has a strong dedicated fan base for a good reason.

    1. You’re either rooting for just the white guys or didn’t notice some of the hottest Black men in gay porn; Sean Xavier, Max Connor, Deangelo Jackson, Rein, Andre Donovan, Tony Genius, Rhyheim Shabazz, or all the Brazilian Pardos and Cafuzos stuffing Beau’s hole in Rio.

  2. So basically you’re guaranteeing Beau Butler an award. Well what the fuck use is it to even do the other awards when it’s pretty clear that you guys can manipulate the results any fucking way you want to.

  3. I really don’t like Michael Boston he’s such a cringe when it comes to making xxx vids and he’s also a cringe on social media. He’s the fag you don’t want to run into at the club because he can look at you nice but then give you a dirty look when he walks away.

  4. Universal Potentate

    I dislike Beau Butler and Drew Valentino (not personally, just sexually) so Armpit and Anal Action had to be passed.

  5. Dean Young is a beautiful guy and one of the cock hungriest bottoms in gay porn. He is the porn gods gift to worthy tops.

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