Bottom to Top: Beau Butler & Brogan Switch It Up

They’ve proven to be two of the best bottoms in the business, but muscle hunks Beau Butler and Brogan like to switch things up every once in a while—and now they’re switching it up together!

After seeing an intense flip with Derek Kage and Paul Wagner, and then a beefy daddy fuck with Lawson James and Timothy Chance, the Raging Stallion thriller Overdrive continues to shift into high gear. Unhinged rideshare driver Derek has been on a tear, and his day gets worse when boss Beau fires him for his bad behavior.

Beau Butler, Brogan Beau Butler, Brogan

Beau Butler, Brogan

Stressed out by the long day, Beau finds the perfect distraction in co-worker Brogan—who’s looking for some inter-office fun. The bearded hunk gets on the table and offers up his hairy ass for munching, and we’re off to the races as the two take turns rimming, sucking and fucking each other. I love seeing the two go to town on each other’s holes, and Beau works up a hot stream of sloppy spit as he sucks on Brogan’s dick.

Beau Butler, Brogan Beau Butler, Brogan

Beau Butler, Brogan

Brogan gives a nice aggressive doggy pounding to Beau, then gets on his back to take it before getting covered in two loads (but will creepy Derek ruin their fun?!). What do you think of these two as tops?

See the full scene at Raging Stallion!


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