Brandon Bottoms For the First Time at Sean Cody: A Shot by Shot Analysis

Yes, late last night the scene at least a few of you have been waiting years for finally arrived. And I think we can safely say that, in fact, in real life, Brandon had never taken a dick up his ass before.

I say this having watched the entire 43-minute video twice, including the behind-the-scenes stuff, and I’m just saying that I buy it. I buy his nervous laughter, and the genuine pain he appears to be in during the act itself, while Tanner VERY GENTLY fucks him missionary-style for just a few minutes. And whenever he mumbles something along the lines of “that feels good,” he is clearly lying, and we all know they told him to say that. And I buy that he has no idea how to deal with a butt plug, and that even that small black butt plug they whip out is a challenge for him. Seriously, the whole thing is so clinical and pained, it should remind everyone of their first time, and remind anyone of exactly what it’s like to top someone who doesn’t bottom much, if at all.

Does he totally hate the experience? No. He seems to like Tanner, and after five years of refusing to bottom he specifically requested Tanner to take his anal virginity. And the two seem pretty into kissing each other and Brandon even acts all cute in the beginning joking about “what if I fall in love” while bottoming and “what if he already has a boyfriend?” I’m still pretty sure that Brandon is mostly straight, but I’m also pretty sure he has a man crush on Tanner, and this isn’t faked.

Tanner is obviously excited about it, and he turns totally piggy during the scene too, felching his own cum out of Brandon’s butt and spitting it on Brandon’s abs, and later, when he takes Brandon’s dick up his own ass once again, he cums and then hops off Brandon’s dick to suck it some more.

I’m not going to do a full and complete shot-by-shot analysis because that would be annoying, but below is a semi-complete analysis of the important moments.

And, no, sadly, Brandon does not cum while getting fucked. That, as he probably said, was not in his contract.

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OK, so things kick off with an interview, and we learn that Brandon requested Tanner, though he’s a little nervous that Tanner wants to “get back at him” for fucking so hard the last time, or he’s just nervous period.

But then at the 1:43 mark Brandon asks the “what if I fall in love?” question, and “what if he already has a boyfriend?” and then he makes this face. And yes, it is cute.

2:40 – The camera guy asks, “Why have you waited so long?” for the bottoming, and Brandon replies sheepishly, “That’s just what you have to do sometimes I guess.”

3:55 – They start to kiss. And they kiss. And they make out, with their shorts still on, for, no joke, a full three minutes and change!

7:30 – Finally Brandon’s shorts come off, and Tanner is introduced to his fine, fine hole.

But let’s just take an extra minute here to look at Brandon’s ass, because it is a thing of great beauty, and deserves an extra minute.

His hole gets a bit of screen time, but here’s the money shot.

8:25 – Tanner spits on and begins admiring Brandon’s hole, before he begins rimming it. Tanner proceeds to eat Brandon’s hole and generally worship the thing for the next three minutes.

11:30 – I would like to point out that 11 and a half minutes go by before Tanner even takes his shorts off, but of course Tanner is not the focus here. We are all just waiting with bated breath for Brandon’s glorious hole to be opened. And out comes the tiny butt plug, which Brandon gets REALLY dramatic about, as if it’s a fist, throwing his head back and beginning to writhe.

13:10 – Still playing with the butt plug, and Tanner has seriously barely stuck two inches of the thing in. Then he quits and starts making out with poor, tender Brandon, who is already traumatized.

13:29 – Aww. Brandon hooks his ankles up over Tanner just like he’s an old pro at this.

14:10 – Tanner whispers the line that made it into the teaser, “I can’t wait to be inside of you.” And Brandon blushes and giggles a little. I would like to point out that Brandon is hard at this point, after making out with Tanner for another minute, but this is last we’re going to see of Brandon’s hardon for a while.

15:08 – Are you ready!?! Because Brandon isn’t really.

16:50 – Tanner finally, finally sticks his cock almost fully in. And Brandon says, “Shit.”

17:00 to 22:00 – The love-making — and even Tanner can’t call it fucking in an after-interview, because it barely turns to fucking — goes on for five minutes, basically just like this.

22:06 – We get one under-shot.

22:50 – Tanner gets a little deeper, fucking just a little harder, and by now Brandon’s hole has to be more open. Brandon pulls Tanner in to kiss him, and finally seems to be liking it. Still appears to be pushing back a bit, and he’s right there in the middle of pleasure and pain.

24:08 – Tanner pulls out, and cums on Brandon’s ass, and pushes some of the cum inside him. Then the felching and spitting happens, and we continue to worship at Brandon’s holy asshole for another minute or so.

27:45 – It’s time for Brandon to fuck Tanner, and for Brandon to finally cum at some point. You’ve seen this all before, and I’ll just show you the official stills. It begins with Tanner blowing Brandon.




Brandon fans, obviously, need to watch the whole thing. Is it going to blow your mind? No. But I came just watching Tanner tease Brandon’s ass with his dick, because it is genuinely a turn-on if you believe that this probably is his first time, and it is a pretty hole.

Here is the very, very brief teaser.


[Sean Cody: Brandon Bottoms Bareback]


16 thoughts on “Brandon Bottoms For the First Time at Sean Cody: A Shot by Shot Analysis”

  1. Brandon es lo que soñé poseer toda la vida. Un varón, no afeminado, que goza con otro. La mejor cola que he visto. IMPECABLE VIDEO !! Felicitaciones

  2. We’ll that was one hot love-making scene, a first time for someone clearly. It would count as an outstanding amateur flick and I loved every second of it. This is not a porn-romp wood-chopping thing so why expect it here? Two guys exploring their emotions and bodies, not a fuck-flick. I came twice just looking at Brandon’s ass rimmed.

  3. This was very disappointing. No bottoming for Brandon please. He is the most bankable of all SC models. Dont need it. Love u Brandon

  4. So in your opinion I take it you expect first time bottoms to take it like a pro? What world do you live in? I think for a first time Brandon did very well. I got a new flash for you first time bottoms usually like to start out with average size dicks THEN perhaps a bigger dick later on .. Starting out with a huge dick your first time is not only painful but may result in someone never wanting to try that experience again. If anyone actually expected Brandon who is a first time bottom to get fucked like he has done it for years then you are living in a dream world of your own creation.

  5. I thought the scene was sweet and sexy. I hope Brandon returns to SC every couple months to make a whole series of bottoming scenes.

  6. I was sadden by this Brandon doesn’t need doing this bottoming scene. It wasn’t his nature. But he still the most handsome guy I have a crush on, the perfect white guy I must say.

  7. Frankly I’m puzzled that Brandon wasn’t encouraged to get in a lot of practice with a dildo before doing this scene, or even off-screen practice with Tanner or anybody else of his choice. This was supposed to be his on screen cherry; his personal one is none of our business.

    And if this was to be his first time ever, camera or no, the position to start with should have been Brandon sitting on Tanner, deciding the pace himself, and with as much stop and re-start as Brandon needed. I agree that the affection between these two performers seems very real, so even if they took leisurely hours to foster the real enjoyment of both, it could always be edited later to something manageable.

    The fault is not with either performer in my opinion, but in some very atypical suspended competence from Sean Cody. Here’s hoping this one was a teaching moment for all.

  8. There is fake fucking for about 10 minutes in the fist half. there are NO pumping shots at all. This aint cody cummings!
    This scene was a total flop.
    Brandon You got to know how to suck the cock and rim dat ass.every actor needs to be required to do this. WTF dead fish.DEAD FISH…
    He has sucked good dick in a couple of scenes and had cum all over him before. She gets a virginal because she didn’t do a scene in a few months while begging for donations to go to Bonaroo or to move to a different city online?
    Tanners cock went limp almost the whole time he should never top again either. They should have paired brandon up with Sean or Cameron and let loose. For fucks sake it is what these boys are paid to do. Do your job , let your ego down and have some fun on camera. . So we don’t have to bitch about it like I am doing now. Ugh lol

    This scene gets 2 Womp Womp”s

  9. You call the title a shot by shot analysis and then admit in the article that you’re not going to do a shot by shot? Wow.

  10. It’s a big snore.

    If he’s gonna get fucked then you climb into a time machine and have 2013 Abe pile drive him. There is zero heat in the video.

    And, when Tanner finally creams his hole, Tanner’s not even particularly hard. How is that possible?

    Brandon’s pretty but he’s always been a boring top. Now he’s an even more boring bottom.

  11. The scene was pretty much what I had expected all that build up for a lack luster scene. I bet you Tanner wasn’t even inside Brandon when he very briefly went deep. Next time Brandon bottoms (probable won’t happen), the whole scene Brandon is fucked hard and deep by a model with a huge dick, like Randy. Either bottom correctly or don’t do it at all.

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