Brian Bonds, Drew Sebastian

Brian Bonds & Drew Sebastian Are The Ultimate Daddy Duo

Sometimes one daddy isn’t enough! There are those times where you’re beating your meat and you really need to see two scruffy daddies going at it. Enter Drew Sebastian and Brian Bonds!

These two are the stars of the newest scene from Nasty Daddy and we couldn’t be more obsessed. This new video marks both Brian and Drew’s second scene for the site. Drew’s first Nasty Daddy scene debuted late last year and gave us the chance to watch him bareback stud Sean Harding in a sexy outdoor setting.

Brian’s first scene with Nasty Daddy is much more recent. It dropped earlier this month and features him getting fisted by the hunky Dale Savage. While his new scene with Drew doesn’t feature any hardcore fisting, there is some hot flogging action that opens up the video.

Brian Bonds, Drew Sebastian Brian Bonds, Drew Sebastian

As with any Drew Sebastian scene, this new Nasty Daddy clip gives us some beautiful views of his monstrous member. Once Brian is unchained and stripped naked, he takes Drew’s thick slab of meat like a pro. We get to watch Brian’s hard cock flop around as he rides Drew’s thick dick until daddy Drew blows his warm load.

Seeing Brian get dominated like this is exactly the type of shit we love to see. I mean, this is exactly what Nasty Daddy promised us with this video and it is exactly what we got. As the video’s description reads – “Drew dominates Brian’s hole. He doesn’t just fuck it. He owns it. He dominates it. Brian gets fucked like the dog he is… Drew doesn’t’ just fuck Brian. He makes Brian a man.” We truly love to see it.

Brian Bonds, Drew Sebastian Brian Bonds, Drew Sebastian

Watch the trailer for this hot fuck session below and be sure to catch the entire thing over at Nasty Daddy! Not a member? Click here to get a free 2-day trial.


5 thoughts on “Brian Bonds & Drew Sebastian Are The Ultimate Daddy Duo”

    1. You should do an interview with Brian Bonds about coming out as ex-gay.
      I’m sure many gay men would like to know how he and Mason changed their sexual orientation.

        1. Just this year, Mason was first, and then in February Brian said he was tired of pretending to be something he wasn’t and came out as pansexual and to prove it he did his first scene as pan with a former lesbian who now identifies as a nontransitioning, non binary male, meaning she only binds her breast, almost the entirety of the video is her fisting Brian while he ravishingly devours her vagina.
          After seeing that vid, I realized that Brian has been faking it in his gay performances, you’ve never seen him as turned on as he was eating pussy.

          1. Can you let people enjoy and live their sexuality alone? He’s pansexual and in homo relationship and he’s happy.

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