bruce beckham chris bines

Bruce Beckham: The Man So Hot Everyone Is Flipping For Him

As if his leading man face wasn’t enough, when you see Bruce Beckham’s big, fat cock, your ankles go up. When you see his ass, your dick goes up. Today, Chris Bines is the latest to enjoy both what goes up and what cums down.

First it was Dallas Steele. Today’s it’s Chris Bines. In our wet dreams, it would be us. We already know Bruce Beckham can top, bottom, and even act. From our exclusive interview, we also know he’s wicked smart which makes him all the sexier.

What we learn today in the latest from “Cruising Grounds” from Hot House, is that his physical charms can also illicit one of Chris Bines’ best turns as a cock sucker and a top.

bruce beckham chris bines
If you ever fantasized about getting busted by the “long arm of the law,” chances are the buster looked a lot like Bruce Beckham. Today, Officer Beckham happens upon Chris Bines looking for dick in the local “Cruising Grounds”. Wanting to avoid another arrest, Chris asks Bruce if there’s another way to handle things. Sure, the line is a cliche, but what happens after, isn’t.

bruce beckham chris bines
That working out begins on his knees. Just like we saw last time with donkey-dicked JJ Knight, Chris Bines is not just a world-class cocksucker, he’s a deep-throater extraordinaire. The same could be said for Bruce’s rimming skills. All of this left Bruce ready to tap Chris’ ass with a solid pounding.

bruce beckham chris bines
Then it’s Bruce’s ankles in the air. Chris Bines aims and fires away but not shooting yet. They both are enjoy this far too much to end yet. Unlike Chris’ scene with Micah Brandt, there are no toys this time. Chris didn’t need them.

bruce beckham chris bines
In fact, what would any man need with an ass like Bruce’s to fuck but the staying power to make it last. But all good things must cum to end, this fuck included. Bruce rides himself home and splatters Chris’ abs and wife-beater with his load, then it’s Chris’ turn where we learn something new about Bruce Beckham. Those flesh covered mountains masquerading as his pecs look even better dripping in a big, heavy load.

[Watch Bruce Beckham & Chris Bines in “Cruising Grounds” scene three]

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