Exclusive: Caden Jackson Talks Prince Albert, Taylor Zakhar Perez, & More

We’re back with more interviews from the set of Raging Stallion’s The Beach House! You’ve already seen us talk to studs like Cole Ryan and Nicholas Ryder, but now, we’re sitting down with one of the stars of the movie’s third scene – Caden Jackson!

You first met this 6’3″ heartthrob earlier this year in the Raging Stallion all-sex movie Sweat. Fuck. Repeat. when he bottomed for Andre Donovan’s massive cock. In his new scene for The Beach House, dropping online tomorrow, Caden can be seen hitting the beach before heading inside the titular Beach House to bottom for muscle daddy Tryp Bates. Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss this scorching hot hookup.

In an exclusive interview with The Sword and the Falcon Blog, Caden is telling us about his experience on the Raging Stallion set, why he has an extra cum hole, his favorite horror movies, if he’s ever fucked in a locker room, and so much more. Take a look below at our chat and for even more content from The Beach House, check out Caden’s scene when it drops tomorrow on RagingStallion.com and click over to FalconMerchShop.com for some official Beach House gear.

How are you feeling being in Myrtle Beach with Raging Stallion and sharing a beach house with all these porn stars? How’s it going so far?
It’s going well. This is actually my third day here? It’s been fun. Every model has been amazing. Everybody at Raging Stallion/Falcon, they’ve all been great to work with. Everyone’s so nice. It’s just a very chill environment and we’re making really hot content at the same time.

If you could describe your scene in three words, what would they be?
I will say wet. I did fall in the ocean, so there’s that. I will definitely say wet. Hot for many reasons. Not to do a Paris Hilton, but…

That’s hot. 
That’s hot! And, honestly, just fun. I just had a fun time.

This is actually your second movie for Raging Stallion. The first one was Sweat. Fuck. Repeat. with Andre Donovan. That was a personal favorite of mine, so how was that scene for you?
It was great! I didn’t even use lube during that scene.

So the wet is accurate. I realized maybe halfway through, I didn’t even pre-lube my hole. (Laughs) Just went right in and he has obviously a large…

9.5 inches according to him.
I would say, yeah, it was pretty intense, but I just had so much fun hanging out with everybody and getting to meet Andre.

That scene was themed around a gym. Is a gym a typical place that turns you on? Have you ever fucked in a gym?
I have, but only oral. I’ve never actually had penetrative sex in a gym. Most of my life has been in a gym, so I’m sure one day it’s bound to happen. (Laughs)

With your experience, are we talking locker rooms or out on the gym floor?
Locker rooms. Yeah, no. I’m 6’3”. I’m pretty obvious. I think people would know if I was doing something nasty on the gym floor. I would probably get found out real quick.

Besides the gym, are you into public play generally?
I do tend to be a very private, intimate person, so I kinda like having that connection. Sometimes when you’re in public, I feel like so much of my attention is divided, so I feel like it’s hard to get that connection, because that always helps me get into it.

I’m not personally a public person when it comes to having sex. Not to say that I haven’t done it and I didn’t enjoy it, but I think on the regular, I definitely just want to be alone in bed and cuddle and you can’t really do that in public.

Especially not in a gym.
Probably not in a gym. You can’t really cuddle in a gym. I mean, you can, but it would just look weird.

Getting into a few of our rapid-fire questions – do you have any tattoos?
I do.

Do you have a personal favorite one?
I just have one.

Oh, you just have the one?
I just have the one. It’s the rose tattoo on my stomach. I just have the one. I got it when I was 18.

Any plans on getting any more in the future?
Honestly, no. I did think about getting a wolf tattoo on my thigh, but I kinda like being mostly tattooless.

I was going to say, if you do, it will be very Beauty and the Beast.
Well, that’s one of my favorite movies. Actually, I didn’t think about them tying together, but that is probably a good connection. I like my rose tattoo. It came from a movie.

Can I ask what movie?
Jeepers Creepers.

Oh, okay. (Laughs) Do you have any piercings?
I used to have 12 piercings.

I had 12. I had a Jacob’s Ladder. I still have the hole.

That’s this right? (Gestures to top of the ear.)
No, it’s in your dick. It goes through the bottom part in your urethra. Well, not a Jacob’s Ladder, I only had one rung of the Jacob’s Ladder and then I had a PA – so my Prince Albert. Sorry, that’s what it’s called.

So I had my Prince Albert. I had my nipples. I’ve had multiple cartilage and ears. I’ve had my septum. It was a two gage in my nose. I used to be covered in piercings, but I removed all of them.

Now you have none of them?
Now I don’t have any. I have some holes where things used to be. I could still put stuff in if I wanted to, but I just choose not to. My life has vanilla-ed out since then. (Laughs)

I was gonna say, I don’t have your last scene memorized or anything, but I do not remember a Price Albert or anything else in there.
I can put it back in at any time.

I cum out of two holes.

It’s more like a drip at the bottom.

But fluids come out?
Yeah, it’s kind of a pain sometimes.

Have you had any reactions from sexual partners or anything like that?
Mmmmm, no. Originally why I took it out is because it actually bothered me during sex, so I ended up taking it out because it was irritating. Or if I did top for any reason, it would bother the bottom. Sometimes when I stroked, it would get caught on my hands and it would hurt. So I just took it out and I just never put it back in.

But now you have an extra cum hole.
Now I have an extra cum hole!

What is your favorite way to relax and chill?
Honestly, I just take a bath. I take like 3 or 4 baths a day. If I ever get anxious or even when I’m happy, I just put some lavender bath salts in there and I just relax. I mostly just listen to podcasts – usually a murder, true crime podcast.

What’s your favorite pod right now? Are you a My Favorite Murder girlie?
(Laughs) No, I actually haven’t heard that one to be honest. I mean, I usually listen to Morbid or Crime Junkie or something like that. I usually like it when it’s two people. I like the banter. Some people don’t. Some people love the straight facts, but I love the banter. Makes me feel like there’s someone in the car with me.

Between the murder podcasts and the Jeepers Creeps tattoo – are you a horror fan?
I love horror movies.

What’s your favorite of all time?
I love horror movies. Horror movies, thrillers, anything like that. Um, my favorite of all time…

Give me your favorite and then least favorite or overrated. This is the hard-hitting journalism we’re here for.
Oh, man. I feel like I like all the campy horror ones that are really funny. They’re so bad that they’re good. I could watch – not to bring Jeepers Creepers up again – but the second movie is so ridiculous that I just love it, cause it’s so unrealistic.

There was this one called Black Sheep where it’s like these, I guess, zombie sheep. There’s all these random ones that it’s hard to pick one. I just like them when they’re really funny or campy. I want to be in one.

What are you not watching or what’s something you find overrated?
I don’t like any torture stuff. I mean, I’ll do a slasher movie in a heartbeat. Like the new Scream movie, I thought was great.

Oh, big slay. Love the new Scream.
I love the new Scream stuff. The two actually, because they only came out like maybe a year apart. I thought those were amazing, but if you put on any type of Hostel or Saw or something like that, I’ll tune out. I don’t do torture. Just a quick like, ‘Here’s some blood. You just got slashed.’

You won’t be in line for the new Saw movie?
I won’t unfortunately. I do like a creepy What Lies Beneath kind of stuff. Very eerie. I love that stuff too.

Are you a big Halloween person?
I love Halloween.

What’s your favorite costume that you’ve ever worn?
So I only have ever rotated between four costumes throughout my entire life. Recently, I’ve either been Phantom of the Opera or Thor. One of the two, but usually if not that, then I’m literally like a wizard or a vampire.

Who is your current celebrity crush?
Oh, hands down it would be Taylor Zakhar Perez. He’s in the new Red, White & Royal Blue movie.

Is he the one with the lips? The British guy? Or he’s the American one?
He’s the son of the President.

Uma Thurman’s child!
Uma Thurman’s child. I mean, she’s amazing in that movie.

I am obsessed. I watched The Kissing Booth a long time ago on Netflix, but I only watched the first one, so he wasn’t in it. And now that he’s like in the air, I’m like, oh my god. Now I have to watch everything he’s in. I watched every interview.

I think he’s in Minx too. I think he has a prosthetic dick in that one.
He was! I did see. I was actually sad that it was a prosthetic. I had to do some googling. Like, ‘Is this real?!’

‘Twas not!
It was not, but he was gorgeous. Whether it was fake or not, I would still. He has my vote.

Lastly – music on or off during sex?
I like any kind of background noise because quiet gives me anxiety. I love ASMR, but I don’t like the sound of sex ASMR. So I would say music on. I mean, it can be something chill.

Do you have a go-to genre? Song? What are you telling Alexa to play?
I like old R&B and I like jazz music. I love me a grocery store bop. Some smooth jazz. I don’t know if that’s going to put anyone else in the mood. Most of the time when I do it, it’s to more popular music, but if I had control of the radio…

[Watch Caden Jackson in THE BEACH HOUSE]


5 thoughts on “Exclusive: Caden Jackson Talks Prince Albert, Taylor Zakhar Perez, & More”

  1. Big Gay Piercin'-Hatin' Andy

    I just don’t get the attraction to piercings. Good for him for getting rid of them, but now he has all those holes in his body that are never going to close. Yeccch.

  2. I loved the interview. Gorgeous, focused and intelligent. I was tired of seeing super tattooed people or crazy people saying nonsense. His natural beauty is clearly an asset that makes him unique. Bonus points because he said he doesn’t like torture in horror films. Definitely a true prince.

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