Benjamin Blue, Mitch Matthews

Can You Stay This Stiff Getting Fucked By a Big Dick?

Every time I see Mitch Matthews in a scene, I get even more smitten with him—which i didn’t think was possible. He’s so goddamn cute, has such an expressive face, and oozes charisma. Case in point: His opening interview in this new scene, where he’s fully clothed and isn’t even talking about sex—and still manages to be irresistible.

The subject matter? Learning French, and how much he loves the language. I love discovering things like this about porn stars, seeing them come to life talking about their passions outside of the bedroom. Mitch very soon gets to put his linguistic talents to good use when he flies to Montreal to meet Benjamin Blue, noting that he melts when hears his scene mate speak French on the phone.

Benjamin Blue, Mitch Matthews Benjamin Blue, Mitch Matthews

I’m thrilled to see more of Mitch these days after he disappeared for a smidge. He made his CockyBoys debut topping Ari Avanti, then bent over for his followup with Gabriel Clark, staying rock hard as he got fucked (his dick so big that Gabriel could suck it while fucking him!). Both scenes are red hot, and so is this one—where Mitch’s dick excites Benjamin so much, the bottom stays stiff as he takes it.

Benjamin Blue, Mitch Matthews Benjamin Blue, Mitch Matthews

Mitch is such a passionate performer, and I can’t decide whether I prefer watching him top or bottom; he’s so good at both. He’s in top mode here, and Ben is turned on from jump, starting with some fantastic oral worshipping of Mitch’s long man meat. The sucker is hard right away, and stays that way as he gets fucked—including a hot sit-down sequence, and a great spoon fuck were the bottom shows off his boner by tucking it under his legs as he takes it, giving us a great shot of both of their cocks in one frame.

Benjamin Blue, Mitch Matthews

Just as exciting is watching Mitch’s face as he watches Benjamin, the top smiling in appreciation at how hard the bottom is as he takes it. The top finally pulls out and shoots his load on Benjamin’s cock and balls, milking out every drop before slurping it up (yum!). Can you stay this stiff taking a big dick? (Or if you’re just a top, can you keep the bottoms this excited when you fuck ’em?)

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


6 thoughts on “Can You Stay This Stiff Getting Fucked By a Big Dick?”

  1. Universal Potentate

    I have the unfortunate combination of getting extremely hard when I bottom and being unable to cum. Apparently a lot of guys find this amusing and enjoy playing with my dick while topping.

  2. When I’m bottoming my whole body is on fire and I love it. My dick only gets a chub. I guess it’s because my ass is getting most of the stimulation.

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