ChaosMen Hooked A Hottie

ChaosMen had has their share of Monday misfires, but not today. They bring us the dark and handsome Amin. He’s a polite, almost shy kind of guy … until his clothes come off that is.

Monday’s can always be hit but usually end up more miss.

Between Murray at Sean Cody and now Amin from ChaosMen, this Monday is off to a far better start than most.

Amin is a handsome man with an enticing touch of the exotic in his features and his coloring.

And speaking of features, just wait until you see his ass.

chaosmen-aminSmart and humble, he is just quite nice to be around. He is Vegan and eats organic and in the last couple years, he has focused on his diet, and of course, working out. He has a lean muscular build that suits his 6’3″ frame. I would swear he is taller than that.”

chaosmen-amin“He is into guys, and prefers to bottom. I asked him if he was an aggressive bottom. He paused to think about it, and he admits yes. But, I think maybe if I had asked if he was an ‘assertive’ bottom, he would not have thought twice. Like I said, he is polite, there is a difference between aggressive and assertive, with the second description likely more appropriate.”

chaosmen-amin“I think you can see he is a little bit shy during this solo. He glances at himself on the monitors, which actually gives him more confidence. He sees where he is on camera, so is able to show-off a bit more for us.”

chaosmen-amin“He was wobbly to start with, but once a warm body moved in close over him, he got super hard.”

chaosmen-amin“Armin is also eager to show us his hole, practically sending out an invitation for you all to cum rim and fuck him!

[Watch Armin at ChaosMen]


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