Chris White, Troye Dean

Chris White Gives A Foot Job In New Gamer Scene

Video game porn is always fuckin’ great. I don’t know why seeing gamers getting their cocks services is so hot, but it just is. It’s why we made that list of hot video game porn scenes a couple of years ago and why we’re talking about one of the latest scenes to come out of today!

In the scene, Chris White is too distracted by his game to notice that Troye Dean is busting out his hole and filling it with a vibrating butt plug. Chris’ eyes stay glued to the game even when Troye uses his man’s exposed feet for one of the wildest foot jobs we’ve ever seen. After some foot and oral play though, the ginger gamer lets his game go and flip-fucks his big dick twink boyfriend right there on his couch. Take a look below:

So what do you think of this scene? Do you like foot jobs? Do you like watching gamers fuck? Let us know your hot thoughts in the comments below and if you want to see more from this scene, be sure to check out the full video over at!

[Watch ‘Hardcore Gamers’ ft. Chris White & Troye Dean]


4 thoughts on “Chris White Gives A Foot Job In New Gamer Scene”

  1. Universal Potentate

    My first thought was “Jayden Marcos is finally loosening up, bottoming and seeming more fun.”
    Nope. Troye Dean is just his less muscular, more energetic doppelgänger.
    Jayden: please take behavioral notes from Troye.
    Troye: please take workout tips from Jayden.

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