Cody Seiya Makes Next Door Debut Flipping the Equally Ripped Justin Matthews

Having spent the bulk of his career at Sean Cody and CockyBoys, Cody Seiya is now starting to branch out with other studios (much like former Cocky exclusive Daniel Evans)—and now we get to see him in his first-ever scene at Next Door!

As if that wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, he gets paired with Justin Matthews—who we’ve seen way too little of this last year. This is his first NDS scene since his hot Fraternity Fantasies threeway with Trevor Brooks and Evan Knoxx nearly a year ago, and just his second studio scene this year.

Justin Matthews, Cody Seiya Justin Matthews, Cody Seiya

Justin Matthews, Cody Seiya Justin Matthews, Cody Seiya

It’s fitting that they pair Cody and Justin, because both of them have ridiculously ripped physiques that are drool inducing. Justin is rubbing his jock bod in the shower when he gets a ring at the door—it’s deliveryman Cody with a special package for him. Justin wants to open more than just his box, so he takes off his towel and his big boner boings out to tempt the stranger (I love this shot!).

Justin Matthews, Cody Seiya Justin Matthews, Cody Seiya

Justin Matthews, Cody Seiya Justin Matthews, Cody Seiya

The two then get to sucking and fucking each other in a great flip, and the best positions are when we get to see both of their bods in full. Who else would you like to see Cody paired with at Next Door? (And Justin…don’t leave us for this long ever again!)

See the full scene at Next Door!

18 thoughts on “Cody Seiya Makes Next Door Debut Flipping the Equally Ripped Justin Matthews”

  1. Trolling for rage. Pathetic try.
    Or perhaps you’re just always pathetic.
    Luckily, I’ll never have to know.

  2. Classic scenario that was well played, Especially with the flip.
    Although a double ended dildo as the delivery in a plastic bag would of been a fun twist.

  3. Cody Seiya: He is very smart, good personality and supporter of the gay causes, which makes me like him immediately. And he is also very artistic.
    Justin Matthews: Gorgeous, I´m deeply sorry he suffered from paternal absence (I believe I read his statements more than once about it) and I truly express solidarity with everyone who went through this, however he is a controversial person. His friendship with Elliot Flynn didn’t end well and I tend to believe in Flynn´s narrative. I’ve also seen fans complaining about him. So I’m double-minded towards him.
    Tattoos: I don’t like them and I’ve never hidden it. However, people are free to do what makes them feel beautiful. In the case of these specific actors, I think they would look great without tattoos, but that’s their business.

    1. Yes Nick. It IS their business so why are you even bringing it up? Do you think there are hundreds of people on here who are anxiously awaiting your lame opinion? Why don’t you just message UniPotenfuck directly?

  4. Universal Potentate

    Cody just makes more sense as a bottom. I’m glad to see him flip fucking, but he definitely makes sense as a bottom.
    Good preview honestly!

    1. i liked when he fucked tristan hunter because you can tell he was really into it and I loved watching him eat tristan’s bootyhole. I just wish they could redo another scene together where they focus more on getting a good angle of the penetration and less on special effects.

      1. Universal Potentate

        Definitely. Too much porn suffers from bad angles. Failing to show every aspect of Tristan Hunter is an absolute crime. I would love to see Tristan and Cody flip.

  5. Really dude? It’s AAPI Heritage Month and you’re making outdated Asian jokes? FFS racist gays are the WORST.

  6. I don’t get the appeal of either guy. Justin is an average looking G4P homophobe and Cody is manoerxic with a flat butt.

    1. Andy, I hear ya and echo your sentiments when it comes to those damn tattoos. I am not generally anti-tattoo; however, on a naked body, especially a naked body in porn, I find them to be unappealing (to put it mildly). In fact, to me they are distracting and lessen my arousal at what/whom I am watching.

      I’ll never understand why a man who is a physical work of art would ever want to diminish that artwork with what amounts to nothing less than graffiti.

      1. How rude of you to critique these two and their choice to express their inner true feelings and desires through ink. You must be living under a rock. Tattoos are trendy and in the know… everyone is getting them!! How would we know that Cody is Japanese if he didn’t have the Japanese Yen symbol tattoo’d on his chest!!?? Have you ever thought about that???? In fact, I think everyone should have their currency tattoo’d on their body… this way, we would know exactly where they are from. You can thank me later. I think of EVERYTHING!!! PS… and I DON’T mean the Euro… I mean the ORIGINAL currency of their country. And if they are from the states… they should be required to tattoo their states mascot right underneath the American dollar sign. Everyone should listen to me, because I know what’s right, and what’s wrong… and this is the RIGHT thing to do. Can I get some support here???

        1. Yes, how rude of me to believe that painting all this graffiti over a natural work of art is distracting and unappealing!

          You’re definitely 2 tacos short of a combination plate, aren’t ya?

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