Braxton Cruz, Cody Seiya

Cody Seiya Gets His ‘Pretty Hole’ Wrecked By Big-Dicked Braxton Cruz

What I wouldn’t give to feel Braxton Cruz rub his scruffy face on my hole before shoving his big dick inside, all the while talking dirty in his Australian accent. (Excuse me while I take a moment…)

The top has had one hell of a year and it keeps getting better as he continues to fuck hot bottoms at CockyBoys. After debuting at the studio by slamming a very happy Daniel Evans, he stuffed hung bottom Jordan Starr and then held twink Angel Santana up mid-air as he fucked him. Now the strong alpha is paired with another man of the year, Cody Seiya!

Braxton Cruz, Cody Seiya Braxton Cruz, Cody Seiya

Braxton Cruz, Cody Seiya Braxton Cruz, Cody Seiya

Cody starts by stretching his mouth wide as he devours Braxton’s beefy boner, then offers up his smooth hole for a tongue fuck—where we get great closeups of spit as Braxton plants his beard inside (“Fuck! It’s such a pretty hole!”). The top wraps his arms around Cody as he mounts him and fucks him doggy, then shows off his giving side as he takes a turn slurping Cody’s rock-hard cock.

Braxton Cruz, Cody Seiya Braxton Cruz, Cody Seiya

Braxton Cruz, Cody Seiya Braxton Cruz, Cody Seiya

The top rolls up Cody’s legs to munch on his hole again, spitting on it and thrusting his tongue in to warm it up. Braxton then fucks Cody on his back, the bottom stroking his own hard cock as his bajillion abs tighten up. Braxton leans down, extending his tongue for a kiss (prompting a smile from Cody). They roll onto their sides for a hot spoon fuck where we get to see how damn thick Braxton’s shaft is before they both burst. These two are so damn cute together!

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


14 thoughts on “Cody Seiya Gets His ‘Pretty Hole’ Wrecked By Big-Dicked Braxton Cruz”

  1. extraordinarily sexy. i’d love to be sucking off cody while he’s getting dicked by Braxton, who has the most amazing penis. But I think Cody is the hottest here with that tight body and big penis.

  2. Cody Seiya has a very beautiful face and Braxton Cruz is very attractive. Both have amazing skin tones. I appreciate seeing people of different ethnicities and support scenes where there is diversity. I think all ethnicities are equally beautiful.


      Yeah, because they’re two dudes fucking? On a site that is about exactly that? No idea what you’re going on about.

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