Braxton Cruz & His Big Dick Make CockyBoys Debut, Destroy Daniel Evans

We need to see a lot more of Braxton Cruz than we have so far this year, so hopefully his CockyBoys debut is the start of a long streak of studio scenes. The man is perfection, so we shouldn’t be deprived of his talents!

Braxton is handsome, hung and built…all wrapped into a charming Aussie accent. So far in his debut year, we’ve only seen him in a handful of scenes, so it’s nice to see a “normal” encounter that doesn’t distract us with silliness. Even better: He’s paired with Daniel Evans, who can’t keep the smile off his face as he gets teased in the beginning.

Braxton Cruz, Daniel Evans Braxton Cruz, Daniel Evans

Braxton Cruz, Daniel Evans Braxton Cruz, Daniel Evans

That includes Braxton rubbing the back of Daniel’s neck with his scruffy face and nibbling his ear, the two also passionately kissing. Daniel then gets on his knees and tries to engulf as much of that big beautiful dick into his mouth as he can. The top then pins Daniel to the wall with his tongue, rimming that hot hole as his man hands spread those cheeks. The top then carefully slides his dick in from behind before picking up the back, and great low shots capture the action—Daniel’s own dick bouncing like crazy as he gets pounded.

Braxton Cruz, Daniel Evans

Braxton Cruz, Daniel Evans Braxton Cruz, Daniel Evans

Braxton Cruz, Daniel Evans

They turn around as Daniel continues to ride, and then Braxton picks up the bottom to fuck him mid-air (we get great close-ups of that shaft and ass as Daniel tries to catch his breath during the aggressive fuck). The bottom gets on his back for more, jacking his own boner as he takes it (but ouch, that radiator looks uncomfortable!). Braxton gets a grip on the bottom’s neck as he fucks a load out of him before breeding him.

More Braxton now! (Would someone please sign him as an exclusive?!)

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


12 thoughts on “Braxton Cruz & His Big Dick Make CockyBoys Debut, Destroy Daniel Evans”

  1. I’m sorry, but where in the video does Braxton breed Daniel Evans as you claim he does? Braxton pulls out, cums all over Evans, then reinserts his cock into Daniel’s hole, but only after he has finished blowing his load all over Evans.

    Oh! I get it now. Braxton’s dick had a couple drops of cum on it, so when he sticks it back into Daniel’s hole, that counts as breeding. After all, it only takes 1 sperm to fertilize an ovum.

    1. First, this is from CockyBoys not Guys In Sweatpants.
      11.4% (16 out of 140 models on GISP) are Black
      14.8% (14 out of 95 models on CockyBoys) are Black
      13.6% (20M out of 163M of U.S. men) are Black
      So what you’re saying is anything near the national average of Black men is too much…
      I think I can safely say that 98.5% of Sword readers think you should put your racist ass out with the trash where you belong>


    braxto.n can m.atewith m.e he has an .aweso.m.e cock…………………………………………………………………………………….

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