Greyson Lane, River

Greyson Lane Is Back! (And Topping!!!)

What a pleasant surprise we have here! It’s been nearly three full years since we last saw Greyson Lane in a studio scene…and we’ve never seen him top. Until now!

Twunk Greyson made his debut in 2018 at GuysinSweatpants, so it’s fitting that that’s where he makes his return after taking a break after his busy 2020. In between, he also worked at Next Door, Helix, and Falcon (including a memorable threeway in Califuckinfornia, where he got spit roasted by Josh Moore and Dan Saxon).

Greyson Lane, Josh Moore, Dan Saxon
Greyson in Falcon’s ‘Califuckinfornia’ [WATCH NOW]

Greyson is looking more handsome than ever, and his body is on point (hello, pecs!). For his return he brings along cute bud River…and tops for the first time ever in a studio scene! River is equally adorable, and I’m immediately in love with his nipples. The two take turns slurping each other’s boners, and Greyson then munches that hot hole like a champ.

He’s a pro at topping, where his abs fight for our attention. Also looking amazing: River’s bubble butt and tight stomach as he gets pounded (these two bodies grinding up against each other is a fantastic visual). As if that wasn’t enough, check out the amazing finish: Greyson pulls out and shoots a hands-free geyser all over the tight bottom, then dives back in to fuck a load out of River…the bottom soon covered in cum. One of my favorite finishes of the year!

Welcome back, Greyson! What do you think of him as a top?

See the full scene at GuysinSweatpants!


9 thoughts on “Greyson Lane Is Back! (And Topping!!!)”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Coulda focused on Greyson’s ass as he topped River though. Otherwise, good vid.

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