Trent King, Malik Delgaty, Braxton Cruz

No Blanks at This Shooting Range!

In the world of wacky shenanigans, this one is pretty silly: shooting range practice turns into some glory hole action with three hunky mil dudes, who are more interested in their love guns (but in the world of small favors, no women!).

But all of that is secondary to the real treat of this scene: It features Braxton Cruz in just his third studio appearance. If you aren’t familiar with Braxton, you should be: He’s a handsome top with a hot bod and a big girthy dick. Braxton made his debut earlier this year in a very hot scene fucking hung Jake Preston, then followed it up with a threeway with Jake and Troye Dean (these were both rare bottoming scenes for Jake, who just had to get Braxton’s hot rod up that hole). Would you look at those yummy veins on that thick shaft?!

Braxton Cruz Trent King, Braxton Cruz

Trent King, Malik Delgaty, Braxton Cruz

Another bonus? We get to see Trent King, who we sadly don’t get to see enough of. The two find fellow grunt Malik Delgaty polishing his boots, and all three head to the range–where Braxton is distracted by Trent’s ass. He whips out his big dick to feed Trent (that shot of him pulling down his pants and that rock-hard cock popping out with force is so damn hot), then fuck him doggy. Malik catches a glimpse in the neighboring stall, and shoves his cock through the hole to help spit roast Trent.

Trent King, Braxton Cruz Trent King, Braxton Cruz

Trent King, Braxton Cruz

Malik squirts and leaves the two hunks to go at it, with Braxton continuing to pound the hung bottom—including a great shot of Trent’s big boner bobbing like crazy when he sits down on the top. I wish we got to see Trent top, too…but maybe Braxton isn’t ready for that. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what—and who!—Braxton does next.

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