Collin O’Neal’s World Of Multiple Comments

Last night, porn star Collin O’Neal attempted to leave several comments on the post surrounding his recent firing from a Florida school district. As it happens, Collin did not like that post!

While the mainstream media initially got the story wrong by saying that Collin’s porn career was “in his past” and that he was a “former” porn star, everyone in the porn industry knows that Collin O’Neal never stopped working in gay porn. So, yesterday’s post simply documented O’Neal’s own tweets, blog posts, and videos reflecting his concurrent work as both a substitute teacher and a gay porn star.

Anyway, rather than have Collin O’Neal’s reaction to yesterday’s post buried in the comments, I’ve decided to publish all of his unedited comments here in a new post. In addition to taking me to task, he also has some choice words for others who commented on the story, including Michael Lucas and Samuel Colt. As a bonus, Collin O’Neal’s boyfriend, “Giacko,” apparently(?) weighed in with his own remarks. I’ve included his comments, too.

Take it away, Collin and Giacko!

Collin on 2011/08/23 at 6:47 pm
First, the interview was between the Miami New Times and myself. If anyone else decides to pick up the story (as TheSword did) and re-write their own comments about it, it does not mean I am a media whore.

Next, Zach, I am not a liar. The website was transferred to a Canadian company before I started teaching. While I was teaching I kept a low profile and advised the Canadian company on how to proceed with World of Men. Once I was fired, I returned to producing content. Get your facts straight. Maybe stop partying so hard in San Francisco for a bit. One last note, I was in Egypt in February, which was after the suspension. Again, get facts straight and do some real journalism.

Last, Michael Lucas has so many facts wrong that it makes me confirm why I boycott The Advocate for allowing him to rant without intelligence. There is so much wrong with this sentence that I am going to personally deliver it to The Advocate “He was fired from Raging Stallion after Roman Ragazzi walked off of the set after being verbally abused by O’Neal for being an Israeli Jew.” First, Michael Lucas think he owns New York and believed Roman should do porn for him. In fact, Roman hates Sean Michael Kirkham, I mean Michael Lucas. I never worked for Raging Stallion….ever. Then, I never worked with Roman on a set at Raging Stallion, so Michael Lucas is just pulling this out of his butt. In addition, I never called Roman “an Israeli Jew,” that is just so laughable. In fact Roman and I use to have great political discussion that would just go over Michael Lucas’ thick head and bloated fake lips. It appears Michael Lucas is still sore over not getting Roman Ragazzi and just can’t get over it. Get over it loser.

I was just in Israel and so many people came up to me and told me how much they hated Michael Lucas and just confirmed that he runs an international illegal prostitution ring in New York that they all want reported to ICE (my buds at CNN might be interested in this since they have “The Freedom Project” going on). If any of you models have been abused by Michael Lucas taking rent out of your paychecks and other “items” then go to this website and tell your story anonymously.

Samuel Colt, get off drugs and roids (saw your drunken drugged out displays in Chicago). Tony Aziz, get some medicine for your bipolar disorder. I live in Miami for a GOOD reason!

Giacko on 2011/08/23 at 6:50 pm | In reply to Samuel Colt.
Yes is fishy that all the stupid gays that only use their cocks and no their minds full of envy because their lifes, a clear example Samuel Colt haven’t future, is no educated and for real do the worst sex in the world, he wont prices but all we know how the sex industry works here. Absolutely is fishy because you haven’t future when u be older or maybe in one year you will be without job and nothing to do because you haven’t the less idea to do anything different. Maybe you can be escort while you can, but am sure will not be longer. Yeah all is fishy in this stupid article since the guy that wrote this, because he hasn’t the enough information and arguments in is based in what he thinks until the asshole Samuel colt and Michael Lucas that is a super bitch. this is very funny then we can start to put in public all the private life of the gay porn stars! and we can see how fishy is all of this

Giacko on 2011/08/23 at 7:06 pm | In reply to Zach.
apparently you don’t have the less idea how to write a true article with a true information, Zach haven’t enough arguments and if you really follow World of Men you can see that the photo where Collin is helping the guys to cum is from 3 years ago. ZACH is a stupid drug addict, liar, come on try to put a real article with true information or at least try to find right sources to catch your attention don’t act like a queen. Because your life is destroyed doesn’t mean that you need to lie about others!

Collin on 2011/08/23 at 7:17 pm | In reply to Zach.
Zach, why are you such a hater? You are frustrated you do not have a future and I was trying to change mine? Hhhhmmmm…

Giacko on 2011/08/23 at 7:24 pm | In reply to michael Lucas.
First we all know the history about Michael Lucas and how envious he is, oh great you never posted anything but you are doing here because you hate Collin Oneal. you don’t have any proof to say that Collin is anti-Semitic. Michael, how can you prove that you are Jew? You are Russian with an uncut cock. Just because you say Israel should extend to the Euphrates and all Muslims must die on that land. We know that many people lie about their religion specially when you are trying to post something wrong about him, or to gain citizenship somewhere (wink wink). Come on and try to find another bad thing but that nobody will believe you when all the people know that you have stolen money from your models, that you are who is bipolar and don’t have a right mind!

Collin23 at 7:30 pm
Fond memories of when Michael Lucas and his sugar daddy flew from New York to Barcelona in coach while I upgraded a certain someone traveling with them. Then they banned that person from talking to me or thanking me for the upgrade.

I guess Advocate is paying Michael Lucas enough to fly First Class…boo hoo


66 thoughts on “Collin O’Neal’s World Of Multiple Comments”

  1. Loftis/Collin O’Neal should have been fired –just because hate mongering racist anti-semites (and drug dealers) like him should not be teaching children!

  2. Wow! What a collection of people with low self-esteem. Loftis, Lucas, Ragazzi, et al….

    For that matter, doesn’t Loftis also produce bareback porn? I could swear there’s a couple of clips out there of guys in his videos barebacking. Oh…the models are allegedly monogamus couples who only bareback with each other but not when they fuck around with others. Yeah like that’s not going to encourage barebacking in general, let’s not try to make lame excuses to justify exploiting models for financial gain.

    Sleazy is as Sleazy does….Loftis.

    1. you must be referring to daniel marvin & pedro andreas. they were together for quite some time and did 2 scenes with world of men bareback. but they did they used condoms for the Sao Paulo video. If you’re gonna bash him for that, then you might as well bash Kristen Bjorn for it as well since they also didn’t use condoms while doing monogamous scenes. Sad that they’re both no longer together and no longer in porn, at least not Daniel Marvin.

  3. Ms Magnolia Steele

    You people are awesome!! All I need now if some weave being pulled out and some 6-inch heels being thrown.

  4. So Mr. Loftis turned back into Collin O’Neal and flew off to Cuba where he recently filmed a sex scene with twin brothers ‘that actually like touching and having sex with each other.’ ”

    People involved in illegal activity, such a travel to Cuba and participating in incest, should not be commenting on other person’s conduct.

  5. Oh man this fight is the best. A bunch of old queens yelling about who is the dirtiest whore. Oh man I am about to make me some popcorn , sit back , and watch the gay fireworks. Ding ding round 3!!!

    1. It would definitely made a good reality show. It would be a better one if a crew followed me traveling around the world!

  6. Collin23 at 7:30 pm
    “Fond memories of when Michael Lucas and his sugar daddy flew from New York to Barcelona in coach while I upgraded a certain someone traveling with them. Then they banned that person from talking to me or thanking me for the upgrade.”

    I know Michael Lucas and his “sugar Daddy”…they do not fly coach!

  7. For the love of GOD, Michael Lucas, stop trying to sound smart and intelligent when you can’t even speak properly with that stupid Russian accent of yours. Seriously, I’ve watched some parts of your movies and each time I watch you talking it makes me wanna hurl! You can’t act – yet you still wanna be in movies, secondly, you behave like the whole fucking world owes you a bloody living! I’m just a student studying in London and just by watching you on film makes me barf, I cannot imagine what people in the industry think of you.

    For the love of all things holy, just behave maturely, you are a good looking guy no doubt, but seriously the worst thing that can display what type of person you are is the way you present yourself and how you behave towards others. All this replying back insulting enemies and bitching about others just shows what kind of a low life you are.

    If you were really that ‘PROFESSIONAL’ and if you think that somebody is getting something they don’t deserve, you just shut your lips. What can come out of all this bitching? Tell me? All it displays is the level of your immaturity. You’re an adult, a 30+ adult and you still wanna behave like a 16 year old girl in high school because ‘REGINA’ did or said something behind your back. Please, grow up.

    1. OMG is this THE Mrs. Patrick Campbell from DListed? Sure sounds like it. I think you are as funny as Michael K. Don’t let the stinkfish there annoy you, we gay Michael K fans think you are a scream.

  8. I think the best way to resolve this issue is a porn mouvie with Collin Oneal and Michael Lucas fucking each other while Roman Ragazzi watches them and call them bitches! and all other “stars” involved in this(Colt, Porter and others) helping those two not to kill eachother on the set …Zach you should be present while filming and do the “exclusive” intervieves…
    Now that would sell…more money and everyone happy )

    1. I agree it would sell, but the thought of even touching Michael Lucas and all his false parts makes me want to barf.

      All the people that think I am desperate for money, well, have you followed my tweets of flying first class and being in Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Lebanon, Cyprus, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam, Budapest, Egypt, Israel, Athens, and New York. It appears I am doing just fine. So all of the hate on here seems to be from jealousy rather than the “truth” that I am desperate for publicity to help my failing company.

      I wanted to be a teacher because I loved it.

      Also, the Miami Dade County Public Schools had a problem with my past IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. So I continued to produce a bit while I was teaching? That is not the problem at all. In addition, is not in my name and has not been since before I started teaching April, 2010 to January, 2011. I read and followed all of their rules and regulations, which do not state they can bring something from your past.

      Also, I passed a background investigation to teach. I wonder how many other people can do that. Do you know what that means? I have absolutely no criminal background. NOTHING! :)

      So, I beg the question, why does Zach hate on me teaching?

      And last, how many people involved in porn will state on their resume:
      4-09 to 8-10 Porn Actor (or Porn Producer or any other job that includes “porn” or “adult entertainment”)


      1. because racist porn start should not teach our kids u need to stay in porn and say away from our kids, what ur would u teach them how to suck cock how to stab someone in the back how to whore out yourself huh i’m glad u was fired maybe u learned ur lesson on telling the truth. a perfect thing u should do is move out of the usa and live over seas the porn industry is tired of you, i’m pretty sure u promised people or sucked there cocks to get to all those places u bragged about. do the porn industry a favor and GO AWAY UR THE FUCKING POISON YOU RACIST

  9. The guy is a Fucking idiot plus a fucking racist and to top if off no one buys his lame movies anymore. he is one porn star that needs to go away and never be seen again

      1. so just because you used a few black people makes u not racist wow that’s the think with u fucking porn people oh i love ethic guys oh i’m not racist but u will use them in a few movies not sign them on as an exclusive and just forget about them. and yet ur not racist RIGHT

        1. you bitches r crazy

          IS THAT YOU DIESEL WASHINGTON!!! Oh, this is hilarious if it is. :D

          Sign me as an exclusive because I’m black, and its racist if you don’t! Maybe you can file an employment discrimination suit against him because he didn’t offer you the world, like you expect, because of your enormous ego.

  10. SUBSTITUTE teacher. SUB. As in, not protected by union, not protected by tenure and not hired back if there is the least little cause to call in someone else who wants the day’s pay. Whether it’s right or not that a school would fire a teacher or a sub, it’s certainly foolish in this day and age to think one can do porn and then teach children without 1) being found out, and 2) being fired. It’s especially foolish when you were/are as popular a porn star as Mr. O’Neal is. Teachers have often been held to different standards, leading all the way back to days when they were told when they could and could not be seen out in public and whether or not they could be married.

    When I was in high school, it was found out that one of our subs stripped at a local sleazy nightclub. Did we openly disrespect her? No, because at that time you were afraid of how your parents would react if you got in trouble at school. But did guys talk about her in disrespectful ways behind her back? Yes. Did they take her seriously at all? No. I don’t know how the school officials didn’t know, but I do know that if they had, they would have never used her again.

    In this day and age, with the access young people have to online pornography, it would take very little for Mr. O’Neal to be found by his students, some of whom might have just googled him harmlessly and found a connection between his real name and his porn name. And once kids would have the chance to see him engaged in sexual activities, whether straight or gay, it would be all over the school, and it would forever interfere with his ability to command a classroom with the required level of respect. And now he can be found online engaging in less than dignified cat-fighting.

    If one is going to call into question whether or not the school system made a good decision, one should also question Mr. O’Neal’s decision-making skills as well.

  11. HalfManhalfBearhalfPig

    WHat a bunch of sad little trolls you make!!
    Michael Lucas threatening people because he knows someone in high places , how original!! I don’t believe a word that comes out of his fake ass fish lips .
    Chris POrter and Samuel Colt have gone down in my esteem , wow , Samuel ask yourself why you got involved in this , you seemed very happy that he got fired , that’s the whole problem .
    All in all I would say you lot lead very sad lives and most likely you’re jealous of Colin in some way or another .


  12. Not sure why this thing has blown up, EVERYONE in the industry knows Collin as a conceited douche bag, its no secret nor is it news. But all this drama is awesome!

    1. you bitches r crazy

      It looks like the whole lot of the are conceited douchebags, with constant bickering about chickenshit.

      If he is a terrible person, look what happens when you do terrible things. collin got fired…the end.

      I guess the amount of people in the comment board who are livid with him, and delight in this story, are the ones who later will be lambasted on different comment boards asking people to stop!–just remember this day, when you didn’t act on your behalf.

      this cattiness between you all, looks awful and stereotypical of gay men. this is pathetic.

  13. I love that Porter is saying Collin is “desperate for attention”. Oh really, and those dumb dancing videos you posted on youtube weren’t “desperate for attention”? Please.

    1. Do you really “love that”? Well actually, no they weren’t made for attention you idiot. They were made with no intention to be made public. We were just bored and having fun. But thanks for checking out the videos and inadvertently promoting them some more. I should also thank you for once again bringing my name up in the comments section. I can always rely on you for some press. Love ya.

      1. Well actually, I find it more amusing now. You put it on youtube… so people wouldn’t watch it… because you didn’t want to get any attention? Totally makes sense.  

          1. you bitches r crazy

            i love the statement: ‘thanks for promoting them…’; i see you REALLY aren’t posting videos for attention, but appreciate it none the less. YEA, R-I-G-H-T!

  14. It’s just funny that Collin is trying to call people drug addicts when he is addicted to oxycotten… Weird.

  15. Maybe Colin should have gone to an attorney or the teachers union if he had a gripe and not talked to anyone else. That would have been the logical thing to do. Okay now lets get back to fun stuff like those awesome clips of Chris Porter on rb good god! Awesome………………..!

    1. you bitches r crazy

      teachers unions can only protect their own, meaning they admit members who are considered teachers. Collin is not protected because he was a sub looking to enter the profession. Maybe you didn’t read my post on the issue.

  16. you bitches r crazy

    Between Zack, Collin, Sammuel, Micheal Lucas….I’m missing a lot of backstory, but there does seem to be a common denominator–Roman Ragazzi!

    Maybe Collin swept Roman out from Michael, and Diva Lucas was jealous and wanted to bitch him out. It does seem strange that Collin, as Lucas claims is anti-semetic, and wanted to work with Roman an “Israeli Jew.” I Guess a raging hard-on throws out all that religious dogma and intolerance… I guess we found a solution to world peace, people need to fuck more. I think Lucas is embellishing here with his unsolicited rants against Collin.

    Move on peeps! Its done. Collin is fired and cannot work as a teacher! Which is a form of intolerance in itself. I mean, teachers are human and therefore sexual. While, in this case the person chose to display sexuality in a way that is controversial, he didn’t show that material to his students or ask them to look at it, I don’t know if the school admins were acting on behalf of the students or themselves. For example, in a separate incident, another teacher was fired for only appearing in some other person’s bachelorette party pics—get this, the teacher wasn’t even drinking or near the stripper, rather teacher was just a bystander in the pic. So you can easily see how this could ‘spin’ in either way. I think its a matter of a bottom line and funds: the teachers unions cannot protect subs, and subs are increasingly prevalent since schools lack funds and close. Collin was a casualty of all three factors: the choice of side jobs in porn and candidness about them, the overwhelming number of subs looking for teaching positions in a recession, and a administration with biases and priority ahead of their students. What can we say but the system sucks!

    And when do people have time to proof comments in the heat of the moment! Lighten up grammar Nazis!

    1. you bitches r crazy

      not to labor a point: I think its strange in our society, we criticize teachers for being sexual without harming kids; then, in some other ways we think its acceptable for a preist, rabbi, or some other religious leader can sexually assault women and children since they take a vow and ask for forgiveness! People are strange.

      1. you bitches r crazy

        by the way, the teacher who was suspended for anti-gay rants against gay marriage was reinstated into the system, after gaining support from religious zealot groups and the UCLA. So it might call for some examination itself rather then lambasting a person calling attention to a flawed system, because they made dumb choices.

    2. Came across the linked article on Queerty. Gives a lot of backstory regarding Roman Ragazzi and this rivalry between Collin and Michael.

  17. He still did not deny he was working in porn while working as teacher.

    And now Lucas, Colt and Aziz are involved. It’s like the Bold and The Beautiful of porn.

    Zack, what a fabulous idea for an article…the rivalries, romances and rendezvous of gay porn.

    Would Michael Lucas be Ridge Forester?

    1. I’m really not even sure how I got involved… read my exact response on the previous article “Great reporting Zach… I thought something sounded fishy when I first read this story on another blog.”

  18. Zach, I have to agree with Collin on this one. He proved that your “real journalism” was actually false. Oh! but you were so proud of yourself! Next time!

  19. Well this may have others think about the choices they make in life.
    It all comes back to haunt…now u’re know all over Miami in the Gay scene for doing PORN… yet you think you can be a substitute teacher in our city..teaching our this is what i call delusional:-)

  20. I don’t understand a word that Giacko writes so moving on from that.

    Setting aside the bile, the one thing that DOES ring true related to Roman Ragazzi and Lucas. It WAS noted at the time how strange it was that an Israeli living in NYC would choose to do porn with another studio – West Coast – than Lucas’. Can’t verify what was and was not said between those people though of course.

    On the other hand, O’Neal seems to be playing with words here. While he was not a RS employee, wasn’t the World Of Men line affiliated with RS for a long time? That must be where the confusion came from. Just a guess. Anyway the fact Lucas may or may not have gotten the tidbit about the studio wrong does not make his story *impossible* to have happened. I have known enough politicians and lawyers to know that trying to discredit a story based on an insignificant detail without going into the core of the story is generally … a sign. On the other hand, we have a purported antisemite against an avowed anti-Muslim. At BEST it is a draw between two a**h***s.

    All of this very unpleasant but as I said on the other thread, why in hell Lucas would insert himself in a story in which O’Neal comes off looking bad is beyond me? I mean with his stupid intervention, he made it easier for O’Neal to muddle the waters and skirt the real issue that Zack had raised in the first place.

    And in that regard, I have read nothing either in those comments and on his Twitter that denies that he is indeed was involved with porn still while working as a sub teacher. Even if he was not in front of the camera during that period as he asserts, he lied when he said he had moved on from that world and there was no justification to use that association of his against him.

  21. Ohh my bad I just realized that most of those are from his boyfriend coming to the rescue. Regardless, Colin, you are a conceited low life. It’s funny how desperate you are for attention but then when you get it you start crying like a little bitch about it. Not to mention how thoughtless your responses are to these people, “get off drugs” “get off roids” “get bi polar medicine”?? Really? At least come back at someone with a logical and worthy response. Especially coming from someone who has a problem with drugs..

  22. All I have to say it dude what did u think was gonna happen when the school found out u
    Do porn. I mean come on u doing porn and having ur own company
    Pays more then being a teacher. Sorry u got fired but look at as a blessing
    And more on to more great things

    1. HalfManhalfBearhalfPig

      Says the man who can barely read (as evidenced below) and who films himself doing useless dance moves while high on weed and God knows what else .
      People in glass houses should not throw stones .

      1. It actually had nothing to do with literacy. I just didn’t read who the message was from. I don’t smoke weed and if you knew me, you would know that. Sorry but I know how to have fun while sober. But I understand your life is mostly filled with senseless mud slinging, so you probably don’t have enough time to even realize what fun is. If you do know me, then stop being a pussy and hiding behind that stupid username. We both know you wouldn’t say it to my face though. Fucking coward.

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