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Colton Grey & Paul Canon: Is This A Hook-Up Or A Love Match?

The hottest thing Colton saw at the parade was Paul’s big bulge. The hottest thing you will see today is watching them fuck.

To capture it all, “Wild Weekend” from Falcon had to be divided into two parts – which is exactly what Paul Canon does to Colton Grey’s ass today.

Big dicks, old loves, horny foreigners, and hot tub fucking set the stage for the main event: the San Francisco Pride parade. This “Wild Weekend” is far from over. It many ways, it’s just getting started.

colton grey paul canon wild weekend falconA little bit of sexy fun makes anyone’s pride. These two sure hit it off. Colton gives Paul the eye. Paul gives Colton some beads to hold them over until they can get behind closed doors. This is by far the most passionate scene yet in this “Wild Weekend”.

colton grey paul canon wild weekend falconColton and Paul weren’t just following a script. They were following their dicks. The lust that spills over onto the screen is the kind that makes you bite your lip. They devour every ounce of pleasure out of each other. And every inch. Once Paul services Colton’s cock, his focus centers on Colton’s hot, hairy ass.

3-greycanonPaul rims Colton’s until his ass lips are trembling. Paul plunges his meat full force, giving Colton the hard, deep drilling he’s wanted since they first laid eyes on each other.

colton grey paul canon wild weekend falconFlipping him on his back, Paul pummels that hole until they are both covered in sweat. Colton’s spurts of cum arc high up over his body as Paul’s load immediately follows. Paul rubs their still hard, leaking cocks together as he leans for one more “Wild Weekend” kiss.

[Watch Colton Grey & Paul Canon in “Wild Weekend Part 2” scene two]

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