Dakota Payne, Isaiah Taye

Dakota Payne Saves the Family Bakery With a Taste Of His Cakes

What do you do when you’re a character in a gay porn that’s modeled after those cheesy made-for-TV holiday movies and you’re tasked with saving the family bakery by any means necessary? Well, obviously the only solution there is to let a local restauranter taste a sampling of your cakes in hopes that they’ll put in an oversized dessert order by Christmas Eve.

I mean, that’s at least what Dakota Payne is doing in the latest episode of Falcon’s Cumming Home For Christmas! In the new scene, we see Dakota, who was previously featured in the film’s big opening flip-fuck, meet up with Isaiah Taye and display some truly unconventional sales tactics as he pulls down his pants in the middle of Isaiah’s empty business and lets the restaurant owner rim his hot hole. Take a look below to see just how well Isaiah ends up likes the smooth taste of Dakota’s cakes:

Let us know what you think of this Cumming Home For Christmas hookup down in the comments and if you want to see even more from this hookup, be sure to watch the entire scene right now over at Falcon Studios!

[Watch ‘Cumming Home For Christmas’ ft. Dakota Payne & Isaiah Taye]


4 thoughts on “Dakota Payne Saves the Family Bakery With a Taste Of His Cakes”

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