dakota rivers epic facial

Whitecaps From Mighty Rivers

That load drenching Gabriel Cross could have easily cum from a few men. Or just one mighty fine man with the name of Dakota Rivers.

We’re a little over half-way through 2017 and one thing is clear: the return of Dakota Rivers is one of the gay porn highlights of the year.

Dakota got his start a full decade ago. “Improving with age like a fine wine” is a common phrase. And often wishful thinking.

But Dakota Rivers is one of the hottest examples of when it’s not just a saying, but the truth.

dakota rivers epic facialToday is the latest from Raging Stallion and it’s the English rose, Gabriel Cross who gets “Overpowered”. Those who remember Dakota from his Randy Blue days make take a moment to see Dakota as a daddy. However, he owns it and it sets up the perfect sexual dynamic with Gabriel. Gabriel is one of the best bottoms around and this is an outstanding scene from two outstanding men.

dakota rivers epic facialGabriel is Dakota’s houseboy. Despite being kept on a short leash, seems Gabriel overdid it with Papa’s credit cards buying frivolous toys for himself and his friends. Dakota slams his crotch in guilty Gabriel’s face and gags the little money-grubber before his tongue lubes up Gabriel’s hot hole.

dakota rivers epic facialSlicked and spread, Dakota slides his meat in and starts taking out his anger. Planting Gabriel on his cock, Dakota twists him around mid-fuck and easily lifts him up and down like a fuck toy. The intense pressure accomplishes its objective and Gabriel spills his load all over his thighs while Dakota is nailing him from below.

dakota rivers epic facialGabriel knows how to secure his spot back in his meal ticket’s good graces. He begs for Dakota’s load and is soon drenched in one of the most epic cum rips yet this year. Gabriel licks his way up Dakota’s body and plants his tongue right in Dakota’s mouth. I have a feeling Gabriel will be “misbehaving” again soon just to get “Overpowered” again.

[Watch Gabriel & Dakota in “Overpowered” scene three at Raging Stallion]

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