Dani Robles, Justin Jett

Dani Robles Looks Hot AF In Weird Wet Wedding Hot Tub Scene

Videos for MENatPLAY are all typically pretty straightforward and usually just involve some suited-up workplace studs getting into odd situations that lead to them partially disrobing and fucking in their professional attire, but this latest video? This latest video for the studios is… a stretch to say the least.

In Wet Groomsman, a soon-to-be-married Dani Robles is getting cold feet and decides to ditch all of his nuptial responsibilities by doing what any stressed-out groom would do – chill in a hot tub while wearing a dress shirt and no pants, so his cock and extreme booty tan lines on full display. When Justin Jett goes to find out what’s wrong with Dani, he falls into the water and with both of them now wet, the best friends decide that they might as well put their cocks to good use right then and there. So if suited groomsmen getting drenched in a hot tub to the point where he’s wanting to fuck his straight best friend is your thing, go ahead and take a look below at some action shots of this hookup:

Let us know what you think of this extra wet scene down in the comments and if you want to see even more from this bareback fuck, be sure to head over to MenAtPlay.com right now!

[Watch ‘Wet Groomsman’ ft. Dani Robles & Justin Jett]


5 thoughts on “Dani Robles Looks Hot AF In Weird Wet Wedding Hot Tub Scene”

  1. Bitchy grooming tip expert here. If you’re going to use Just For Men on your beard you should match it to your hair color, not borrow your co-star’s bottle

      1. Listen here, peasant, you can change the name you screech by but you are known. Sign up for a VPN before trying, and failing miserably, to read this Queen again

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