darius ferdynand xavi duran menatplay

Xavi Duran Gives Darius Ferdynand A Fuck From Out Of This World

One of the few things hotter than seeing Darius Ferdynand getting his perfect ass fucked is when a man like Xavi Duran is doing it.

“Supernatural” from MenAtPlay is more a fairy tale actually than a “Tale from the Crypt.” Xavi Duran’s necktie and Darius Ferdynand’s freshly fucked hole is all that remains. The question “MenAtPlay” poses is what happened before that?

Asleep or awake, fucking Darius Ferdynand would be a wet dream cum true. I vote for awake though. This is something you want to see with both eyes, and your pants, open.

darius ferdynand xavi duran menatplay
His face, his body, his dick and his ass all make Darius Ferdynand one of the most singularly beautiful specimens of man to ever grace the blue screen. Having him here today only makes the anticipation to see him with the Kind of Cocks, Jack Harrer, next month in “International Playboys” from NakedSword Originals much “harder” to wait for. Fortunately Xavi Duran is on deck today to tide us, and Darius, over.

darius ferdynand xavi duran menatplay
Xavi Duran is far from just a fill-in. His smoldering Mediterranean appeal only adds to the simmering sensual burn today. As we’ve seen when Xavi was with Damien Crosse, he knows how to take a walk on the wild side so entering the “Supernatural”, and Darius Ferdynand is a task he is very well equipped for in every way.

darius ferdynand xavi duran menatplay
One thing that’s definitely “Supernatural” here, feasting on Darius’ hole would be nibbling at the gates of heaven.

darius ferdynand xavi duran menatplay
Xavi doesn’t fuck Darius, he makes love to him utilizing every inch of both of their bodies.

darius ferdynand xavi duran menatplay
Darius, in turn, doesn’t just get fucked either. Whatever world this is happening in, Darius actively takes it as good as gets it. And then some.

[Watch Darius Ferdynand and Xavi Duran in “Supernatural”]

3 thoughts on “Xavi Duran Gives Darius Ferdynand A Fuck From Out Of This World”

  1. ArmondRizzosTarantulaPussy

    I guess it was only a matter of time before Darius started on the HGH/Roids :( He is getting too big now. His face is changing and those shoulders are just too much,

  2. Oh please this was a bad scene – did you happen to notice that Xavi’s cock was NEVER fully hard throughout the scene???? Darius deserves so much more!

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