Davey Wavey Responds To Fan Reaction Over ‘Trans Guys In Sweatpants’

You can tell it’s heating up outside solely based on all the outdoor porn we’ve recently had thrown at us. Hot House has been dropping outdoor scenes, BelAmi just released some nature-centric vids, and now we’re getting some brand new poolside action from the folks over at Himeros.tv.

For the site’s latest group scene, Himeros is featuring models Benny Blazin, Darron Bluu,  Declan Blake, Jonah Wheeler, Stevie Trixx, and Wes Myers in a poolside orgy entitled Trans Guys In Sweatpants and if you think that name sounds awfully similar to a certain gay porn site, you’d be correct. Himeros actually admits that they named the scene as a twist on “the porn site called Guys in Sweatpants” in order “to play with the genre and to dispel notions about masculinity and its centrality of biological cocks.”

In the scene, we get to watch ginger model Stevie Trixx strut around a pool with an extremely noticeable bulge in his sweatpants. With all the men in the area fixated on his XXL VPL, Stevie pulls down his sweats to reveal a strap-on that he quickly begins shoving into every nearby mouth. As we’re sure you gathered by all these preview images, this then leads to all the surrounding men joining coming together for a bareback fuck fest that takes place in and around the pool.

While many people in the Himeros comment section seemed to be enjoying the new scene, one user responded to the trans-inclusive video by saying they were “not interested” and suggested that maybe the studio create a “separate channel for trans’ and their fans”.

The comment apparently caught the eye of site founder and owner Davey Wavey who responded to the user in an honestly very elegant comment that emphasized his studio’s dedication to highlighting all types of men in its work.

“I hear that. I will say, we show a variety of different guys,” wrote Davey in reply to the user. “Some younger, some older. Some with fur, some smooth. Some with bio cocks. Some trans. We want all guys to see a reflection of themselves on the site – with the message that all bodies are deserving of pleasure, so representation feels important.

“Personally… I find that even if a guy isn’t necessarily my ‘type’, I can still enjoy – and be turned on – the sex that they are having. And actually, sometimes I surprise myself… and find bodies sexy that I hadn’t previously considered. It’s hard to be attracted to what you never see.”

I personally love Davey’s response and think he worded the entire comment perfectly. As we have reported before, Himeros is a site that is extremely dedicated to showing all kinds of sex while creating porn that focuses on the comfort and well-being of its performers, so it’s no surprise that those involved with this studio would be able to come back with an expertly formed response about this subject.

Let us know what you think of this new scene down in the comments and be sure to watch this entire poolside orgy right now over at Himeros.

[Watch ‘Trans Guys in Sweatpants’] [Himeros Pride Sale: 2 Years For The Price Of 1]


43 thoughts on “Davey Wavey Responds To Fan Reaction Over ‘Trans Guys In Sweatpants’”

  1. NO ONE SAYS YOU HAVE TO WATCH YOUR PORN WITH TRANSMEN IN IT! There is enough material out there to satisfy anyone’s taste. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, DON”T BUY IT! And this hysterical fear of Transpeople is ludicrous! Are you afraid they’re hiding under your beds? Waiting to do what? Running away with your tiny dicklets? I think they have better things to do. Like surviving.

  2. Being gay and being Trans are two entirely different things and I hate that we are put together. I don’t want to see Trans performers in my porn. The Gay community has become too girly and freakish. Where are the real men. I like men, not girls. Give me a masculine man I know you’re out there.

  3. Our world has more, more, more than enough hatred. Most of you frustrated and excessive people add to that. Shame on you!

  4. This box of loose noodles that wants trans men and women to kill themselves should move to Texas. He’ll find his brainless, hate filled bretheren there, ready to howl at the moon like a pack of ravenous wolves. The Texas state Republicans, in their platform, have decided Transpeople shouldn’t exist either. First you demonize them, then you legislate against them so they become invisible, then, Then you make them actually disappear. It’s a familiar fascist playbook.

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  6. Here’s a concept. How about on a GAY porn site we have GAY porn. Not lesbian porn. Not trans porn. Not cross-dressing porn. Not straight porn. Not bi porn. But gay porn. What part of the word gay do y’all not understand? If you’re gonna have all these initials in the GLBTQI+++ then the ”G” stands for gay and only gay. The rest are not gay. If you want websites that are diverse, then go set up your own.

  7. At the end of the day, people need to stop thinking that gay porn means “everything that’s not straight porn.” When gay mean want gay porn, they aren’t looking for tits and vagina. It’s really not that hard to comprehend.

  8. Trans men are trans they are NOT MEN, never were, never will be. They are biological females who superficially alter their physical appearance to “pass” as males. It is a cosmetic costume.
    If you want to see that sort of thing, then go to Bonushole or Jockpussy, etc.
    Davy was smart for putting Trans in the title because he now KNOWS that there are a lot of gay men who are completely turned off by vagina being passed off as just another hole a man can have in gay porn. It isn’t.
    If you were actually homosexual you’d understand that, if you were truly open to diversity you would respect our limitations, but you aren’t and you don’t.
    You view the world singularly through your own colored glasses and expect everyone else to conform to it.
    Well, we aren’t and we won’t. Either get over it or don’t. It’s your bigoted choice and it’s you who needs to just quit WHINING ABOUT IT.

  9. I can’t believe the amount of vitrol and hate I’m reading in the comments. If you don’t want to see trans men (and they ARE MEN) in your porn don’t watch, don’t buy it. The choice is yours. It’s your money. There’s plenty of stuff out there you’d be interested in. So, find it, grab your dick, and STOP WHINING!

    1. wow cool knife trick, dude

      seeing a homo saying this is so funny. you really think straight people think of you as a “real man”? because they fucking don’t. straight people see gay men as like Diet Man, at best. to heteros you’re still some weird gender and sex freak. so who the fuck are you trying to impress with this backwards horseshit? get a life, and quit with this paranoid whining.

      1. How some str8 guys view us is completely superfluous. Gaslighting and ad hominem attacks are the last defense of a weak mind.
        Homosexuality is a same SEX attraction not a gender ideological one. Vagina is NOT a substitute for penis and testicles in a gay videos.
        I am not saying that trans-identifying people can’t and shouldn’t be able to make porn, I am saying that those making porn and releasing it have a responsibility to notify the viewer about what kind of sex they might be viewing.
        If you say its a gay porn then it should be a gay porn, not a trans porn, or a bi born, or a str8 porn.
        You have to show respect to get respect and trying to “sneak” something past the viewing audience that they didn’t sign up for, is disresepectful.

  10. I am proudly gay, but I can honestly say that some trans men are attractive to me. I don’t feel that I am bending to some system with that realization. I will say that I am not sexually attracted to female who identify as such though. All the while, my slight attraction the trans men doesn’t make me identify as bisexual in anyway whether someone else would choose to label me as such or not. Not every gay man likes anal. Not every gay man likes penis. Let’s not box people in all the time. I’m sure that a lot of trans men likely identify as gay… not straight or bisexual. Can we not let the labels go? And as far as porn goes, can’t one just move on to the next scene? Seems logical to me.

  11. BTW the guys who are in this scene aren’t gay. Not if they’re head and tongue first into a clitoris and vaginal walls. No sir. They’re anything but gay.

      1. Oh Boo, just try to wrap your deluded jargon spitting scum sponge around the fact that homosexuality actually exist and it has nothing to do with how your ideological cult.

  12. It’s super easy. Just make a separate space for trans porn. Maybe another site or a specialized section. NDS did that with their site. They had dedicated spaces for your favorite niche of porn. This is a way to avoid alienating your clientele which is your gay following.

    The thing is this.. gay men are homosexual and attracted to penis. If you’re attracted to vaginas, trans or bi porn, you’re not gay. Period. That’s okay that you’re not gay but it’s the truth. Your bisexual and fall under that spectrum. Bisexuality is a spectrum, homosexuality is not.

    Guys like DW, needs to stop trying this push for gay men to dive into anything other than gay men. It’s like all the bi men who were always hiding under a gay label are trying their best to rope everyone into that realm and it’s disheartening. DW knows he fucked up and loss a huge amount of support from the gay community and now he’s just going to slide into trans porn because they were the only ones who rallied behind his less than impressive videos. His response was nothing more than lame as well.

    We don’t have to fuck trans individuals to be their ally. We can still support without having to warp our sexuality to include them. True lesbians feel the exact same way. Where’s our representation in our realm of porn? Why does it have to be invaded? We don’t see trans representation with the str8 side? Have you seen Johnny Sins sliding inside of Noahway or Steve Trixx?

    1. Universal Potentate

      Jeff … you look dumb. We are all taking a few moments of our day to offer our opinions on some random gay porn news website. Calling Melon names for doing exactly what you’re doing is hypocritical and nonsensical in the extreme.
      He never said his opinion was fact either, so you start off wrong.
      You never offered any meaningful counterargument against what MelonBaller said.
      Why don’t you figure out the part or parts of what he said you take issue with and try to carry a conversation like an adult?

    2. Yup, Jeff and his ilk are moving on without ya Melonballer, right down the toilet of bad ideas.
      He’s too stupid to realize that these “markets” are losing “BIGLY” to the private accounts and porn sites and are expanding their business models in a desperate attempt to generate more income from fringe niches and fetishes.
      Not that there is a HUGE call for it, but because they are grasping at whatever straws they can just to stay afloat.
      But, people like Jeff, have a real hard time distinguishing between reality and delusion, so they blather as boisterously as they can and puff their chest out like the knuckle-dragging neanderthals they are in a vain attempt to silence any and all opposition; braying like dinosaurs caught in the tar pits of their own fascist, ideological viewpoints, doesn’t make them any more right or righteous than the next guy with an opinion.

  13. I can see why Davy took this approach, putting the trans in the title this time.
    Seems Davy caught some considerable heat over on his Youtube channel with a video he initially labeled as; “A gay mans guide to eating pussy.”
    After the dust settled and the gay community let it be known in his comments section they weren’t putting up with his conversion therapy bullshit anymore, he changed the title of the video and deleted a horde of very negative comments.
    But it was the down votes that were telling, coming in at about ten to one against.
    I have no prob with any kind of porn, but call it for what it is and quit trying to make vagina a thing in gay male porn.

  14. As a proud gay man, I have no interest in trans porn! I have no issue with sites offering that option for people looking for it, however, gay sites should stop trying to force that (or bi) porn on the gay viewer!

    As for Himeros & DW… please, he is such a fake!

  15. I guess you could say I was gobsmacked when I started seeing gay trans men in my porn. I’ve always considered myself 100% Gay. An 8.5 on the 1 to 6 scale. Although I know many warm intelligent women as friends I have NEVER considered them as sexual partners and don’t care to see them in the porn I buy. But some of these transmen are REALLY attractive! It’s doing a number on my brain (which is NOT a large object)! I’m an older gay man and it took a long time for me to be comfortable with myself and my sexuality. So, I may be old, but I’m not closed minded. Change can be good!

      1. Intentionaly Left Blank

        Just because one accepts trans gay guys as just that, guys, doesn’t mean one has to fuck them. Play nice.

        1. Accepting and enabling trans people as one sex or another doesn’t alter reality despite your moral relativism and equivocation.
          One has to show respect to get respect. If they can’t respect my homosexual attraction then why should I respect their gender identity?

  16. Ewww sick. Just like that JockPussy site. I don’t want to see a man with a pussy or a chick with a dick. I am a gay man that likes dick and nothing to do with cunt, pussy or artificial man made shit.

      1. The overwhelming indicators of violence against trans people (almost always those identifying as MTF) is a direct result of them trying to pass as female and not telling the person they are with that they are in fact pre-op trans, and while I abhor violence of any kind, one has to ask, what did they think was going to happen when they mix alcohol/drugs with seducing a str8 guy?
        If you think I’m wrong, I urge you to go to Youtube and type in this search: “He didn’t know I was trans.’ The level of self-delusion and entitlement speaks volumes.

    1. But why do you have to be so fucking mean about it?

      Imagine if you don’t enjoy broccoli and you come across some on your plate at a restaurant. Do you behave like this and say things like this?

      You need to ask yourself why you are willing to show more respect to a piece of broccoli than you are to a trans human being.

      I have no dog in this fight, I don’t know any trans people. But I know they are PEOPLE and deserve to be treated with respect. Just like you do.

  17. Universal Potentate

    Yeah … umm … no.
    Inclusivity isn’t a marketing tactic. We need a serious discussion about turn offs. It’s as valid to say “female bodies turn me off” as “black African features turn me off” as “prepubescent bodies turn me off.”
    We don’t have to yuck anyone’s yums … but let’s not try to yum someone else’s yucks either.
    The proper disposition is to say what you personally like/dislike. It doesn’t mean the person is good or bad or the fetish or distaste is good or bad.
    Don’t kink-shame.
    Don’t kink-force.
    In this case, avoiding a turn off us as easy as creating a category, as the customer suggested.

    1. Are there models that you don’t like to see on screen…do you whine and pitch a fit because they are on your favorite site saying they need to have their own channel, or do you just skip that scene and move on like an adult?

      1. Universal Potentate

        I don’t think you understood either my solution or the original complainant’s solution.
        A new channel is not a new website. It’s just a category. This could be accomplished even by properly tagging a video. How a “new channel” is accomplished is a technical decision.
        What we want to avoid is getting halfway into a good fap piece only to be confronted by a huge turn off.
        Furthermore, constructive feedback from a prospect or customer is different from pitching a fit. That’s another important distinction.
        It doesn’t matter if your business is porn or a burger joint, listening and responding to criticism is part of being a professional.

    2. Universal Potentate

      Do you genuinely not know the difference between Jim Crow laws and tags on porn videos?
      Would you care to explain what constitutional amendment or SCOTUS decision my recommendation violates?
      Just stop trolling. Some of us are trying have a fun but mature conversation.

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