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Dear Johnny: Superstar Johnny Rapid Responds to Fan Letters

Hey everyone,

This is Johnny Rapid and I’m excited to start this weekly column with The Sword and talk with y’all. I’m here to tell you about my new movie from NakedSword called Dear Johnny and to respond to your fan letters and any sex stories about me you wanna send my way.

I’ve always had people sending me dirty messages my entire career. Fans tell me what they want to do to me if we ever meet and that’s what my new movie is about. Edward James and I went through years of messages and found my favorite fantasies to act out in the movie. Thanks to you guys and your letters, it turned out pretty fucking great!

For this column, I’m looking for more sex stories that y’all feel like sending in. You can write them in the comments and I’ll respond to them in my column next week. I’ll try my hardest to get to all of the best stories. Fuck, we might even act them out in the Dear Johnny sequel if they turn me on enough!

Johnny Rapid

The first fan letter I want to share is the same one from the very first scene we shot for Dear Johnny. The letter was about someone wanting to find me walking down an empty street, pick me up and suck my dick on the side of the road. 

I’ve had a lot of people write to me about fucking in public, but this is the letter that immediately got me hard. I love public shit and fucking where anyone can just walk in and see me. Fucking right off the road seemed like it would make the best scene and I ended up getting to top Vander [Pulaski] in the woods, so thank you to whoever wrote me that letter. I owe you a nut.

Johnny Rapid

The other letter is from someone named Nick. He wrote a dirty letter to me through NakedSword’s Twitter. He has a fantasy about fucking me after a football bet:

Dear Johnny, 

We’re watching football. I’m with one team and you’re with the other. We’re getting competitive over which team will win and you’re insisting yours will, so I’m like, “Let’s bet on it if you’re that certain!” We’re trying to come up with the terms, and I eventually suggest that the guy whose team loses will get fucked and swallow the other guy’s load. You’re like no way man I ain’t doing that, and I’m like what do you mean, you said your team will win for sure so there’s nothing to worry about. After some thinking and some teasing, you agree.

Needless to say, your team lost, so now you have to bottom. I give you the best rim job and suck your cock. Then I put my dick in your mouth to get it wet and ready for your ass. You deepthroat it real good and then you get on all fours by yourself like a good little slut. I get inside you nice and slow as you moan the hot Johnny way, and I start fucking you gently and gradually harder and harder till you’re screaming with pleasure. We do all the hot positions and after a while, you cum all over the place with my dick still in your hole, and when I’m about to cum, I kneel you down and cum inside your mouth, like we agreed. You’ve never swallowed in any of your scenes, so that’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience I guess!


Thanks for sending this in, Nick. This sounds great and I love getting sucked off while watching football, but you’d end up being the one having to bottom and take my dick. Bulldogs kicked Clemson’s ass this weekend and that’s my team. I woulda won that bet!

If you wanna see me bottom for you, you’ll have to pick a game with Georgia losing and that’s not going to fucking happen right now lol. You should just get ready to swallow my load instead. I’ll be the winner with my dick in your ass and moaning in my “hot Johnny way,” while I drill your hole before unloading in your mouth.

Johnny Rapid

If you want me to share your stories, write them in the comments. I’m going to be back with The Sword next week talking about more fan letters. You can also watch me talking about more of your fantasies and jerking off live on next Friday, September 17, 2021 at 8:00pm EDT.

Watch ‘Dear Johnny’ exclusively on NakedSword when it premieres on Wednesday, September 15 and tune into Johnny Rapid’s live show on Friday, September 17 at 8:00 pm EDT over at


21 thoughts on “Dear Johnny: Superstar Johnny Rapid Responds to Fan Letters”

  1. hello johhny rapid you should contact austin lock and make a videos with him i bet you will love his ass as much he would love your cock

  2. Dear Johnny,
    1. Sex scene: studio quality couple scene; outdoor sex in Georgia wild nature, no one around. Kisses, mutual rimjobs, volcanic anal sex, you bottoming, close-up of your private parts, especially your butt and hole. Long scene, at least 4 different positions. More time for anal, less time for oral.
    2. Suggestions: 1. Gay anal sex scenes, only. I don’t want to watch vagina of any kind. It’s a total boner killer for me. I want/need to watch cocks and men assholes to get aroused. 2. More scenes as total bottom. You excel at it. 3. Choose your partners well and do something with quality, not cheap/low quality stuff just to have content.
    3. A “Dear Johnny” only about Gay Pornstars (your Crushes, present and past; who became great friends in your real/personal life; cite characteristics of scene partners like “very intelligent”, “fun”, “great actor”, “he left me with a sore ass”, “I was very horny with him inside me”, “easy to work”, “educated”, “great rimmer”, “it was funny because he farted on set”, stuff like that).

  3. I enjoy your movies. The one I really enjoyed was you and Jake Bass. It was so hot. You two seemed to really enjoy each other. Will you ever do another scene together or movie?

  4. Hey Johnny,

    Your friend here from OnlyFans…

    I think one of your best scenes from was called Be Still; you and Beau Banks. Some re-enactment of that would be awesome. You were just with him in Austin so hopefully a hot scene will come out of that.

    Also, some updated prison shower scenes with you as a top would be cool as well.

    It would be great to see you in a scene as a robber entering a house that you think it unoccupied and you find a hot twink alone buck naked in his room. You can’t decide whether or not you should leave with your stash or show him a good time…obviously you are horny so you stay and give him a good rim job and the rest that happens is in the best from johnny’s playbook.

    Lastly (at least for today); a special tutoring session with a super hot daddy teacher (john magnum please)….he is teaching you some musical instrument and he shadows you (i.e.-the pottery scene from Ghost) and things get hot and heavy with lots of neck kissing and body rubbing before you pound him good…maybe a little flip flop is in order here as well

  5. Dear Johnny,

    I met you in 2020 at an award show. You were the sweetest and kindest man in the business that I met all night. It’s no question why you’re still #1 on top of the gay porn game.

  6. Dear Johnny,

    I always thought the hottest way to fuck you was to cruise you at a urinal and after seeing your cock out, take you in the stall for a hot dirty fuck. I’d fuck you against the stall and chi inside your ass and the suck your cock until you covered me in cum and then you just leave me there covered in your mess

  7. There were a lot of negative comments when this article was first posted. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    Johnny, I adore you, I’m hoping my letter was part of your new movie. I have many more fantasies involving you. Each give you all the respect and admiration you so rightfully deserve for all you do for us your fans. When I find time, I’ll share them with ya.

    In the mean time, keep up the excellent work and do good as always.

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  9. I’ve been watching Johnny for a long ass time and the thing that always made me search his name on pornhub for like three years was his taint. He had such a pronounced taint in some of his early scenes that is actually gave me a fetish for men with fat juicy taints. I’d love to swallow johnny’s cock while servicing hit hole and taint until he just fucking creams all over my face

  10. Dear Johnny,

    Been a fan of yours since the beginning of your career. I like everything you do because your sexy, funny and full of life. Is it possible for you to be in a nudist/naturist resort environment and do some naked fun with the other guests, challenge them to a basket ball shoot the hoops, volleyball game, or even naked cook off. I’m a nudist at heart. I always have a coffee party in the morning in my room where most men come in naked from outside and we talk, fuck, stroke, and really get social. I frequent Palm Springs resorts. One place is has apartments that are real nice and poolside fun for all.

    Johnny your sexiness is so natural. When I visit Atlanta I always look around the clubs and night life hoping to run into you. I like Swinging Richards and always fantisized seeing you there, on stage or at the bar. I hope one day I can just have that conversation or shake your hand. I got a lot of respect for you.

  11. I’m a long time Johnny fan. He’s a good looking guy with a lean muscular body, a beautifully shaped cock and a fine receptive booty. He’s been topping a lot recently but I’m a cock hungry bottom and like to imagine when I see sexy Johnny’s getting fucked that it’s me in his place.

  12. No need to support a guy that is “bi” or “straight”. on this site! Give opportunities to proud gay men in porn! There are so many other sites for those that have a more “flexible” appetites. Also, Johnny, really? Gross!

  13. Universal Potentate

    Here’s what I’ve always wanted to see from you.
    1. Please go back to being fully shaven everywhere. This isn’t true for all porn actors but YOU look fantastic being completely naked. (not the top of your head).
    2. Do some more DP power bottom stuff. Triple if you can handle it.
    3. Do bisexual porn. Everyone knows you got kids and struggled with “gay porn” in your early years to support your then-wife. Lick & fuck some pussy while a dude is plugging you. Explore that world “No Holes Barred. All Holes Loved.” bi porn that’s lacking in the porn market today.

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