Devin Franco, Jordan Starr

Devin Franco & Jordan Starr Go Full Cardi B For ‘Locker Room 3’

Cardi B said it best – bring a bucket and a mop for that wet ass pussy!

It seems that Falcon Studios took the lyric to heart with the premiere of its latest movie, Tales from the Locker Room 3. For the debut scene in this third installment of its Locker Room series, big dick porn hunk Jordan Starr can be seen taking on the role of a horny janitor that’s hanging around the team locker room in hopes of catching some alone time with Coach Devin Franco.

After the two ditch their clothes, get into some brief armpit play, and fill their mouths with each other’s sweaty dicks, Jordan barebacks Devin’s ass before finally channeling his inner Cardi by bringing in his mop to stuff up the coach’s hot hole.

Lucky for those who would rather just see Devin get blasted with some raw cock, the cleaning supplies sex doesn’t last too long and after a bit of mop play, Jordan gets back to using his thick dick to fuck Devin all over his desk. Take a look below to see how the entire scene plays out:

So what do you think of this new scene? Would you let someone fuck your ass with a mop if they asked? Let us know all your hot thoughts in the comments below and if you want to see even more from this new Tales from the Locker Room 3 scene, head over to!

[Watch ‘Tales from the Locker Room 3’ ft. Jordan Starr & Devin Franco]


5 thoughts on “Devin Franco & Jordan Starr Go Full Cardi B For ‘Locker Room 3’”

  1. Mop should have been the other way around, help clean out everything and everyone that’s been in Devin. I’m so bored of him, Michael Boston, Felix Fox, Beau Butler and Cole Connor in every. Single. Movie.

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