Diego Sans, Matthew Cooper

Diego Sans Makes CockyBoys Debut, Fucks Rising Newcomer Matthew Cooper

CockyBoys is killing it recently. Just last week, it released its first-ever scene featuring popular performer Tristan Hunter and his big dick, and now Jake Jaxson and Co. have lured another veteran over for his first-ever shoot with the studio.

It’s hard to believe that in his long career, Diego Sans has never appeared at CockyBoys. But since debuting in 2010, we’ve mostly seen him at two studios: Randy Blue and Men.com—with a few special appearances here and there, like his memorable turns in NakedSword projects like Get Away and Sweet Meat. Now he can add CockyBoys to the list!

Diego Sans, Matthew Cooper Diego Sans, Matthew Cooper

His scene mate is newcomer Matthew Cooper, who showed off his killer abs and eyes (my god, they are beautiful!) in his studio debut with Game On, where we very briefly got to see him fucking Dallas Cooper. We got a much better look at him when he topped Daniel Evans (a great pairing), and now the versatile stud shows off his bottoming skills.

Diego Sans, Matthew Cooper Diego Sans, Matthew Cooper

The two are quickly locked in a hot 69 (any time we get to see Diego sucking, I’m happy), where Matthew also gets his hole warmed up before riding Diego’s uncut cock. The bottom is soon bent over with his muscle ass raised high, getting drilled from above. Diego flips him on his back (these overhead shots are my favorite…would you look at Matthew’s body?!), then slides into the bottom from the side.

Diego Sans, Matthew Cooper Diego Sans, Matthew Cooper

The top pulls out to shoot his big load everywhere before pumping his cock back into Matthew, whose creamy load soon erupts over his defined abs. What do you think of Diego’s CockyBoys debut? And do you prefer Matthew topping or bottoming?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


8 thoughts on “Diego Sans Makes CockyBoys Debut, Fucks Rising Newcomer Matthew Cooper”

  1. Recently saw complete video. Matthew Cooper is SO FUCKING HOT, SEXY, GORGEOUS, EXTREMELY EROTIC, and VERY DELICIOUS LOOKING!!!! I WANT HIM!!!!!!

  2. The man still can throw a good fuck.
    And that is a very good thing.

    BTW it is a boring person that only knows one adjective.

    1. I with you Jamie. Did any of these commentators actually watch the scene. Cockyboys hit a home run again. Excellent pairing and awesome sex. This one is far from boring.

  3. Diego is boring. When he was with another studio “Randy Blue” he used to be versatile. Now he only tops-BORING!

          1. if he does back to verse it might stretch that career a little longer. If he wasnt fucking that director his career wouldve been over by now.

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