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Extra! Extra! Read All About It …

We’re just four days into the year and already, the gay porn world is full of headlines. In today’s case, that includes a few that shouldn’t be making news at all.

Yesterday, Sean Cody actually recruited a sexy, out, and versatile new model. Over at GayHoopla, it was a G4$ holiday. Today, NextDoorRaw follows suit with a scene with two gay guys and neither was forced to play straight. And now Men.com has released a scene with two hot men of color.

Yes, these should be givens, not headlines. Just maybe, by the end of 2017, they won’t be.

First up, we have Micah Brandt and Diesel Washington in “Lies And Affairs” from Men.com

diesel washington fucks micah brandtThe fact that Men.com sat on this scene for a couple of years is not as much of a surprise as the fact they actually had the vision to film it in the first place.

The irony is, both Diesel and Micah look better today – perhaps that will give someone some ideas. Diesel is not only not playing a thug, he was indulged in two of his favorite activities: kissing and sucking. And as for Micah, looks like he wouldn’t mind a return visit from the Washington monument either.

[Watch Micah & Diesel in “Lies And Affairs”]

And now, there’s Lance Ford and Dalton Riley in “Make-Up Sex” from NextDoorRaw

Instead of breaking up, they are making love again. And NextDoorRaw actually cast two gay guys to play two gay guys.

diesel washington fucks micah brandtAnd it shows. While I’m not ready to take them out of premise detention for one update, for the first time in recent memory, it doesn’t take us longer to read a convoluted description that to watch the scene itself. Most importantly, the scene is hot — and not just because this is Lance’s bareback debut. It’s because they took hot gay guys and allowed them to do what we’ve wanted all along: just let them fuck.

[Watch Lance & Dalton in “Make-Up Sex”]

Four days does not a year make – but at least here in GayPornLand, 2017 is off to a hot start. What else would you like to see this year?

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